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  1. Hi Just nudgin this to see if there are any othersuggestions thanks
  2. When the columns are not frozen, the column widths are ok and have the correct width I have set up, and the text does not wrap in them. When I freeze these columns they all shrink to the same width, which looks to be some sort of default. the test in them wraps and I cannot then change their width
  3. Hi All I have a results report which is using three groupings, with a large number of subsequent fields. All works ok, but when I freeze the first three columns, the width seems to default to a small width and I can find no way of adjusting them. The usual width setings and those in the style seem only to impact the columns if they are not frozen, Can anyone assist in how you can set the frozen columns to a wider and fixed width thanks in advance
  4. Thank you that worked brilliantly, just needed to change the group to 2. thanks for the prompt help
  5. Hi, my first post and looking for some assistance please. Although there are a lot of posts on conditional format, i could not find one to answer my specific issue. I am looking to conditionally change the background of individual fields (cells) on my tabular results report. the report is grouped and has sub totals and a total using aggregates and consists of a large number of fields, each column having a total. The report works fine, but I want to change the background of the data fields i.e. if the data contained = 1. then colour the cell green I have so far used this code in my footer <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var elems = document.getElementsByTagName("td"); for (var i=0, m=elems.length; i<m; i++) { if (elems[i].innerHTML=="1") { elems[i].style.color="BACK";} if (elems[i].innerHTML=="1") { elems[i].style.backgroundColor="LIGHTGREEN";} } </SCRIPT> this works but it also colours the background of the totals, subtotals in these fields where the subtotal = 1 as well. I have the grouping rows set to a different background colour in the style, which this code above seems to over-write if the total value is a 1 help would be appreciated thanks
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