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  1. Hi @Meekeee, Yes, client numbers will change over time, but (if this is what you have in mind) changes to Client will not be frequent or in large numbers, so that adding User data manually to each new Client is easy enough.
  2. I am quite new to Caspio but this topic is so important that is the first thing I am trying to resolve. For example, for confidentiality we need: Client A Accessible by All Users Client B Accessible by User1 and User3 Client C Accessible by User1 and User2 Client D Accessible by User1 only. When I'm more experienced with Caspio I may find a better workaround, but at present I am thinking along the lines that every Client Record should contain a Field for User1, a Field for User2, etc, leading to View for each User, leading to a Page showing records available to that User based on their login. This last part is described in the "Getting Started Videos" here: https://howto.caspio.com/getting-started-videos/video/?cbResetParam=1&vid=E29B3E10627343568BD74ACAB5C90873&menu=menu-item-27528&title=Intermediate Training - App Architecture & Authentication If anyone more knowledgeable could suggest a better approach I would be grateful. If I devise a workable solution I shall post it here.
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