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  1. Hi . . I Just found the fix to this, but thought it is worth leaving up incase anyone has had this issue. I read on the CASPIO JS forum, that on Results pages the html code needs to be in the footer, rather than in an HTML block, or else it will execute for every record. Since moving my code to the footer, I have had no issues with the buttons - all behaving normally.
  2. Hi, can anyone help me? I have been using the code below without issue on an Caspio HTML data page, but am having issues when I add it to an HTML block in a report. <button class="block" onclick="document.location='https://--myURL--? UniqueProjectID=[@UniqueProjectID]">MY URL</button> When I add the button to a report, the report seems to automatically activate the update_event (even without this button, or the update button being pressed). If I change the button's to hyperlinks, that I block up to look like a button, this seems to get round the issue, but really I would like to still use buttons. Changing responsive or AJAX doesn't solve the issue, and if the change the configure settings to stay on the same page after update, the page just blinks every second on a continuous refresh
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