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  1. Hi, what would I suggest to to create a login stand alone login page if you don't have one yet (documentation), and you can also redirect each user to a different page depending on their role (documentation) Then on the HTML page where your stand alone login page add this php script ( I think, you will need to install a plugin to run php on wordpress) . Then on you can use use PHP session. To make it simpler, you can also just add a variable then pass it as a query string on your redirection script ( The example below is using the specific redirection code) <script> var today =new Date(); var signup = new Date( "[@authfield:Last_Payment]" ); var valid = new Date(); valid.setDate(today.getDate()-30); if (valid<signup) { /*Valid*/ var UserLoggedIn document.location = "http://www.mysite.com/menu.html?UserLoggedIn=1"; } else { /*Not Valid*/ window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/login.html" } </script> Then on your menu site, just get the value of the "UserLoggedIn" variable in the query string, then you can use it to show / hide anything you want using if else statements. You can fetch this value either on your caspio datapage, but to hide the menu on your website you can also fetch this using custom coding on your wordpress page.
  2. Hi, I think what you need to do is create an additional submission form, on your details page of your tabular datapage where you will be displaying the comments of the user. Just add an HTML button that will display the submission form that you have created, then you will need to pass the primary key / unique identifier of the comment where the user will be responding. So that any new reply will be link to that specific comment. What you need to do is to structure your table for this to work, and to see any new respond. You will need to either go back to the main results page of your tabular report page, then go to the specific records where the comment / reply to the comment was made. Or you can create another tabular report datapage, to display all the comment and its respective responses. Then deploy on to your details page as an Iframe, then you will just need to create an html button to refresh the page to see the new comments. But keep in mind, it would be difficult to make this look any way near to what you have in your screenshot. As this would need complex custom coding.
  3. Good day, For me, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. A good site should contain all the feature that will enable you to achieve your intended purpose. Correct me if I'm wrong, but by saying "cms dedicated". You are referring to site builders write (Software / tool that you can use to create website with no/minimal coding: ex: Wix)? Well if it is just a website that is not that complex. Site Builders would be ideal, as you would no longer have to hire a developer to help you build your site and maintain it. The main difference between this site builder and WordPress is that this Site Builders tend to be a proprietary cms, meaning that the company will not release the source code of your site. And you can't transfer it to a different provider / company. On the other hand, you have two options for wordpress. You can go with https://wordpress.com/ which is a subscription based, where your site will be hosted on their server. And they have a support team to help you with your technical concerns as long as it is still under their scope of support. And you can also just download the open-source code of wordpress from https://wordpress.org , where you would need to install it to your hosting account. And the advantage of this, is you can transfer your website from one hosting provider to another. But it would more complex to manage this. '
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