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  1. Hello, I would like to create a pivot table for data similar to the table below. I'm using a view to create the pivot table. The view joins the PO table and SO table, and that's causing the PO ID rows to be repeated. PO Qty total should calculate the sum of qty of unique PO IDs. I was thinking of using the custom totals/aggregations formula to calculate it, but I'm getting stuck.. Any help on this would really be appreciated! Product PO ID PO Qty SO ID SO Qty Product A POA1 5 SOA1 1 Product A POA1 5 SOA2 2 Product A POA1 5 SOA3 1 Product A POA2 10 SOA4 3 Product A POA2 10 SOA5 2 Product A POA2 10 SOA6 1 PO Qty Total: 15 (unique PO ID); SO Qty Total: 10 Thank you!
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