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  1. Hello, I have an auto submit submission form which will add the record based on a calculated field. However, I must also check weather the record exists to prevent duplicates. Apparently, even though I have the auto submit java code running on the change of a virtual field, if the user presses enter (even though the submit button is hidden) the form submits. How to prevent this?
  2. Hello, I would like to have your support to remodel my search display on a tabular data page, please assist. 1) Remove the search button 2) Remove the search button to have the space no more 3) Add a custom search button that is visually appealing
  3. Worked! Okay so just one more, how to apply the condition to number values?
  4. Hello, 1) Does Caspio have an image repository whereby I could upload images to use in the application and insert it wherever I wish, whiteout having to reference it to an Html link? 2) I have a quote of the day, and would like to show it when the user logs in based on the date, any Ideas? 3) How to set a background for a datapage?
  5. Hello, I have a tabular report list shown in picture below, and I would like to visually show our users colors depending on the statuses (text) in the Status Column. Notably, I wish to have like a red background with with bold text for "In Transit" and Green BK/ White TXT and Bold for "Delivery" for example. Hopefully you guys to get me started so I could customize and add for the other various statuses
  6. Hello, I'm spending alot of time looking through the community, and need help now, please.... I've a submission form, which has a virtual field, and would like to have the virtaul field show in an HTML BLOCK and update whenerver the virtual field is change in the html block. Really just needed the HTML because I could change the text size etc for the user to see. Help, please
  7. Hello, I've this same situation to address and havn't figured out how to from this atricle. Can someone help me out here, please?
  8. HI BIllW, I like your menu, can you share the code for this?
  9. I need to create a number pad using buttons which will add a digit to the text on a virtual field. Is this possible using JavaScript?
  10. Yes, that's what i'd like to do. I can only achieve this using triggers for update, delete and edit and sending the total to another table. I'd like a way by which a view can be created which will sum and be available as a table set for use.
  11. Is it possible to use a trigger to generate a pdf and send it as an attachement in an email?
  12. Is it possible to have a view which summerizes the vlaue of a currecny field based on a uniquie ID/
  13. Hello, I need help please. I wish to have a custom button displayed on a update page if a checkbox is blank. Also, need to have the default update button hidden and not accessible. Finally I would like the custom button to check the checkbox and submit the update to the record Is this possible with JavaScript?
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