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  1. @KlisaN137 The issue is this page used a view with data from multiple tables. You can only allow editing of one table in the view.
  2. @KlisaN137 YesIi have seen this. Making the pop up is easy. It's refreshing the parent when pop-up is updated that I have no idea about.
  3. Hi All, I want to have a link on a datapage that will open a popup to allow editing of a subset of records. When the pop-up closes (perhaps only if pop-up page is submitted) i'd like to refresh the parent page so that it would display the updated records. Anyone know if this is possible?
  4. @Meekeee I don't have site_name in sr_tbl_study_sites I guess i could try using a view instead that joins the sites table. I would have thought that setting Display value on the relationship should work.
  5. @astroboy thanks but it does not apply here. The cascading option is actually the one that makes sense and does work, except for the Display Value not being shown. Instead the foreign key id is shown. Is this bug or limitation in Caspio?
  6. Hi @CoopperBackpack Thanks for the tip. It works if I create a virtual dropdown that has the study_id selected as parent. Then using a cascading dropdown with source = sr_tbl_study_sites and filter by study_id The remaining issue is that the site_id is used as display in the dropdown even though I have site_name set as display value in the relationship. Is there any way to display the site name?
  7. See Table relationships attached Editing a screening record, I want to choose which site is assigned to the screening. I can't add a "Choose Site" dropdown and fill with "sr_tbl_sites" because not all site are assigned to the study. How can I create a dropdown list that shows only the sites that are assigned to the study that the screening belongs to? Is this possible? (so frustrating that caspio doesn't give more options to filter a dropdown list) Is there some other way to do this? Perhaps a popup window that would list all the assigned sites, then allow user to select one? i.e.(Update the screening record, close pop-up and then refresh parent page)
  8. @NiceDuckInteresting idea. How would you create a UI to manage which staff are assigned to the site? Would you still have a separate table tbl_site_staff and have a datapage that manages this? Then have a trigger on tbl_site_staff that updates the CSV field on tbl_sites each time tbl_site_staff changes?
  9. Say we are assigning staff to one or more sites. Could we use a list string data type in the staff table. e.g. [site1, site3, site, 4] Would this be easier to manage than maintain a separate tbl_staff_sites ?
  10. @PotatoMato I don't want the timezone used to store the value to change. I always want to store at UTC. But when reviewing the value in a datapage, i want to show the time in the timezone of user that is viewing the record. I would imagine we need to use some JavaScript to convert the a chosen timezone?
  11. I am storing timestamps/datetime in UTC. I would like user when viewing the timestamp in datapage to see this time converting into their timezome Either by looking up timezone preference from a users table or setting timezone view from a page item. Is there anyway to do this?
  12. I just realized i can create a composite primary key by using a unique formula field and joining the study & site ids. So I guess this works, but I still wonder if there some more elegant way to present an interface to manage this scenario?
  13. I manage a many-to-many relationship we have between some tables. e.g. Primary tables are “Studies” and “Sites”. Have a table to join them, “study_sites” For each Study many sites could be associated. Sites can be associated with many Studies I can’t find anyway to create a UI that can: Show me all the sites that are currently associated to a site. Allow me to remove an existing association Allow me to add a new association, but also ensure the site/study relationship does not exists. (don’t want any duplicates in “study_sites” table) e.g. I can use two data pages. Top one shows all sites that are currently associated. Bottom submits a form add a new record to “study_sites” table. The problem is this can allow duplicates. Is there someway to stop a duplicating from being inserted by triggers? There some smarter way to do this? I did try using a table report adding SQL to a calculated field, but it won't render the HTML CASE WHEN (SELECT COUNT(study_site_id) FROM sr_tbl_study_sites WHERE study_id='GU986E2K34MD' and site_id=target.[@field:site_id]) = 1 THEN 'Exists, click to remove' ELSE '<a href=/admin-associate-study-site.html?study_id=GU986E2K34MD>Not associated, click to add</a>' END I have similar requirement to association many users to many sites. any advice greatly appreciated.
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