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  1. Are you referring to a page where they can cast their own vote? they will not use system to vote, the vote Supervisor will check and choose voter when voter come to prof his data and enter vote zone (like check list) so Supervisor will check voter data if he have real data and accepted as member and have right to vote and make check near his name voting from drop list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes , (Is this a page where you can see all voters who are still not voting and you wanted to see their details? )
  2. Dear @Meekeee thanks for you help and answer, yes i was see it before but it not like my case something different if you can see from my post i was do first 3 picutre and its ok working. my issue with reporting i can't do it i search everywhere and trying everything but i am not professional i need this report - report for who is voting and not as just chart for general viewing purpose (Total, voting total, notvoting total) - report (Private) details how not voting to contact them (ID , Name, .. etc). thanks for your help again hope to find some professional person like you @Meekeee can help me with this 2 reports
  3. Hello all i try to make vote system sample one be check his id if he have record check yes to vote or no and make report for voting and not voting thanks for your help
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