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  1. Thank you @Meekeee. I have seen that first one before. It looks good but not quite what I want, because in this example you set up in advance a fixed number of results to be displayed. The part about sorting randomly would work for me, but I just wanted to give the user running the query the option to specify how many results to show, instead of previously setting a fixed number myself.
  2. Hi all, So I have in a table a field that contains images, and they have different categories in other fields. I want to have a form that lets me search for a N number of images that match my search criteria, but it should return a random sample N. For example, let's say I have a database of dogs with a field for dog_images, a field for dog_breed and another for dog_size, I would like to choose how many images I want of dogs in a certain breed and size, say for example 5 images of small Poodles. It would return 5 random images, and every time I run this query I would get a random sample that matches the criteria, and generate a report with the images. How do I get a random sample from a query?
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