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  1. I don't know if this is ok or not but I hope it is. I'm looking to see if I can find a freelancer to help with a project I'm working on. It's Weebly and Caspio. Email me at billp@squaretree.com
  2. I have a survey with a number of questions of different types. When the user starts the survey I need to add a record to the EntrySurvey table as a header for the users set of answers. I'd like to do this in one datapage and not have to have the user enter the parent record information, which is really only their email and the randomID using up one datapage to do it. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to do the questions without a datapage each because they are of various forms like multiple choice checkbox, radio button type selection, free text, numbers, and each of the multiple choice and radio button types have different answer texts. I can build the database for this pretty easily but getting it presented using Caspio (again I'm new to Caspio, not to programming) is proving a challenge to understand
  3. Unless I'm missing something triggered actions only run on insert, update, delete of a record. Tasks documentation reads like tasks are similar but you don't need to have a database event to trigger them. They can be timed or run manually. Can they be run programmatically based on a user action. I'm not looking for the user to configure the task.
  4. The docs I have seen said I have to go to the sidebar to run a task but I'd like to be able to have the user run a task from a button (or really any control) on the datapage. Is that possible?
  5. Very new to the Caspio interface although not to programming. I am getting used to what it does automatically and what it doesn't. I'd like to create a survey form in a single data page where the user starts by entering their email which becomes the parent record for the answer to many questions. Each question can have one or more answers. The schema (without all attributes ) is: Survey_Entry (id autonumber, email text) Survey_Question (id autonumber, question text) Survey_Answers (id autonumber, Survey_Question_id integer, Survey_Answers text(64000) Survey_Participant_Answers (id autonumber, Survey_Entry_id integer, Survey_Question_id integer, Survey_Answer_ID integer, Survey_Answer text(64000) note: for responses for "other") I'd like the user to enter their email which inserts into Survey_Entry, that enables the list of questions with the possible answers and they go through checkboxing or entering answers scrolling down till the end Each answer would add a record to the Survey_Participant_Answers table. Some of the answers are "all that apply" so for those do i need to fully normalize or can the options in a list integer datatype be entered programmatically rather than selected from a static set of options?
  6. Thanks and printing would be an issue as well but the actual submission form needs to look like the PDF when the person is filling it out on screen as well
  7. Can a single record submission datapage be formatted to look exactly like a government prescribed PDF form? Can it then be printed in that same format?
  8. I am capturing 3 different emails in a registration form and, upon submission, each one needs a notification email and each notification email must be slightly different. I see how to send one notification but I don't see any "add" button on that form. Is there another way to add multiple notifications?
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