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  1. We currently have record level security that is based on a users province & the projects province. So only Users in BC have access to records in BC. (Using a province field in both the authentication table & project table.) However we have a couple users that do work in multiple provinces. Is there a way to apply both eg: BC & MB to a users profile to allow them access with 1 account so that they do not need multiple logins? My thought was to have a list: string with all the provinces as a field in the authentication table and you can select the ones that apply but this does not appear in my authentications module. Is this even possible? Thanks
  2. I am working on condensing our database and we have the same form and reports multiple times due to a separate header which is based on the login. We have it set up this way since certain users don't need access or don't need the same forms or reports as others. Is there a way to conditionally code the header to be something like this: If AuthenticationRole = admin then show app parameter AdminHeader If AuthenticationRole = Manager then show app parameter ManagerHeader etc. Thank you
  3. Thank you, this appears to do exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately my Caspio plan does not allow me the use of triggers in tables. I am not sure if there is another way. If not I may just be out of luck
  4. I am trying to create a project auto number with a twist. Currently our numbering is a manual 7 digit entry using a 2 digit start representing a chapter(ie. 88), followed by 2 digits representing the year (ie. 21) followed by 3 digits which is the project number. I would like the project number to be auto generated so there are no duplicates and the person entering doesn't need to look up the last number. My thoughts were to have the following columns in the projects table 1. Chapter Number record (select option) 2. Year record (default to current year if possible) 3. Project Number - This however is the part I am stuck on, I would like this as an auto number but I would like the auto number based on the chapter & Year ie: 88-21-001 then when it is asked to create a new project number it would set the project number to 002 so it would come up 88-21-002 (this would essentially be a combined field). But if it is going under another chapter their first project would come up 77-21-001 and then when they add another it would default the project number to 002. So essentially I want it to look at Chapter number, then Year Number then say the next project would be 1 greater. I hope that makes sense Thank you for your time
  5. How Can I hide inactive records from my listbox on my Datapage? My listbox is linked to another table [Exams], this table has [ExamName] & [Status (Active/ Inactive)] Fields. I want the Listbox on the datapage to hide the Inactive Exams.
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