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  1. Caspio is known for its scalability In the past we have powered disaster apps related to Hurricane Katrina for AJC (case study: http://www.caspio.com/pdfs/Caspio-Success-Story-AJC.pdf) and similar apps for Houston Chronicle for Hurricane Ike. Apps related to floods in Iowa and fires in San Diego were also powered by Caspio apps. If you expect a sudden increase in traffic just let Caspio support or your account manager to know so our engineers can apply some additional optimization on your apps. Dave
  2. Try this: <script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"JavaScript\"> document.order.submit(); </script>
  3. You can specify fields as EMAIL and ensure no invalid character is entered. Aside from that if you want to prevent certain characters from your text fields and text area fields you would need a JavaScript code to do that.
  4. Ask tech support to activate Orphan File Cleanup. More details are here: http://www.caspio.com/extend/platform-extensions/orphan-file-cleanup.aspx.
  5. davep

    Uploading Blobs

    If you have a one time task of uploading a lot of images into your table, it can be done as a quick service by Caspio. Regarding your second question, you can upload anything you want but you get back the exact same thing. No reverse conversion occurs on the backend.
  6. One way to do this is through writing a script and accessing your records and emails addresses through Caspio's Web Services API and generating your own emails.
  7. To be effective in Caspio you need to be \"tech-savvy\" and be comfortable with standard office applications. Tables are buckets of data. They define the type of data that can be stored in the buckets. Views are just pictures of the data. They show you a part of the data that is comming from a bucket or data that is combined from different buckets. You cannot have a view unless you have tables.
  8. davep

    File upload

    Currently this can be done as a small custom work. In a release later this year it will be a built-in feature.
  9. Authentication requires cookies. Make sure it is not disabled on yoru browser.
  10. This can be done rather easily. Let's say your original query string parameter is called \"school\". In your first DataPage create an HTML block and in there put something like this: http://www.mydomain.com/SecondDataPage.html?school=[@school] So what you're doing is taking the paramter available to DataPage 1 and passing it as a paramter to DataPage 2. Of course you could wrap the link in a proper HTML tag. Caspio tables can reach over 1 million records without problem. For large table request that Caspio apply optimizations to the table for best performance. Regards,
  11. This feature is currently under development and should be available in December 2007. In the meanwhile the JavaScript workaround can do the job in most cases.
  12. Carol, currently logout is set to 2 hours systemwide. In the upcoming release you will be able to change this setting. Dave
  13. I'm pretty sure it can be done in JavaScript. Any JS experts out there?
  14. There are many attributes for the iframe tag that you can customize for your exact requirements. Some details can be found here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp
  15. Yes, there are ways to do this. I assume you already have the averages figured out and that you round the average ratings to whole numbers. Create a table with two fields: \"rating\" and \"icon\". This will be your RatingMap table. The \"rating\" field will have all possible whole number ratings and the icon field should contain a properly formed html img tag of the corresponding icon for that rating. Something like this: RatingMap table rating icon =============================== 1 <img src=\"http://mysite.com/1.gif\"> 2 <img src=\"http://mysite.com/2.gif\"> etc. For displaying your reviews create a view between this table and your review table based on the rating field. Instead of displaying the rating number now you can display the icon field and have it render as HTML.
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