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  1. How can import tables that are over 15 MB in Caspio Bridge. The table is over 15 MB zipped.
  2. I have a table in MS Access with over 50 thousand records. I would like my customers to go to my website and search this table. Can I do this with Caspio. If so, how? Thanks!
  3. I can't find this any where on the wizard. Can you point me to the right direction. Which screen is it? Thanks!
  4. I want to move one of my field to the top of my form. How do I do this?
  5. What if I want to link it to a different table?
  6. I created a form for one of my client. I have another client who would like the same form with minor differences. I don't want to build the form from scratch all over again. Can i copy form in Caspio Bridge?
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