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  1. I updated the code by mdupras for my table to also hide the header for the column. In the for loop I changed the var "row" to 0.
  2. Thanks! Exactly what I needed.
  3. I would like to timestamp a record within the tabular report datapage when a user updates a record or inserts a new one. I do not wish to go into the Details page since there is not too much info and would be easier to stay within the page. Is there a way to timestamp the records?
  4. It would be the header/footer within Caspio Bridge.
  5. How do I go about putting an image I uploaded into Caspio and be able to display it on a footer or header. I have the image field and reference in the table that I am working with. I need the code to be able to do this.
  6. I had a database that allowed our members to update their information using an Update Form but there was no way of tracking the information of when the information was updated. Can Caspio record when the a record was updated and be stored in the database?
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