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  1. Does someone know the exact definition of time out? Mine is set to 2 weeks and everytime I close my browser or just a browser folder, I have to log in again to get access. That's quite annoying. Thanks
  2. The auto-login features doesn't work very well for me. I have 3 datapages (A, B and C) using the same authentication. "Auto-login across apps" is enabled, "only single session per user" is disabled, "Time out " is set to 2weeks. When arriving on html page with A, I log in. When moving from this html page based on A (trough a link) to an html page based on B, I get another request for login. That shouldn't be the case! When I do the same from A to C even the first time, it goes through without requesting to login a second time. Once logged in with B (for the second time), everything is working fine. I tested it this on multiple browers with same results. Thanks for your help!
  3. It is now possible to update the data of one Table in a view. Is it possible to delete the data of one Table in a view? Thanks
  4. Hi Mike, Here is an example of script that you can use to hide or modify the result table. Put it in the footer : var stl='none'; // means hidden var tbl = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[5]; // 5 means there are 4 tables in the html page before the caspio table var rows = tbl.getElementsByTagName('tr'); for (var row=1; row { var cels = rows[row].getElementsByTagName('td'); cels[1].style.textAlign='center'; // aligns the second column cels[2].style.textAlign='right'; cels[2].style.fontWeight ='bold'; cels[3].style.textAlign='right'; if (cels[4].innerHTML >= 1.2) // check the value in the 5th columns and change it in red if higher than 1.2 {cels[4].style.color='red'} cels[6].innerHTML= Math.round(100*(cels[6].innerHTML-1))+'%'; // change the value in a percent based on a calculation if (cels[6].innerHTML=='0%') {cels[6].innerHTML=''} cels[6].style.textAlign='center'; cels[7].style.display=stl; // hide the 8th column } Hope this helps. Yves
  5. Very good idea and simple to put in place. Thanks
  6. I agree, it would be very useful to be able to define the header of a html block. To control the alignment of each column, you can use script like: var stl='none'; var tbl = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[5]; // 5 for the number of tables before you datapage var rows = tbl.getElementsByTagName('tr'); for (var row=1; row var cels = rows[row].getElementsByTagName('td'); cels[0].style.textAlign='left'; cels[2].style.textAlign='center'; cels[4].style.textAlign='right'; cels[6].style.display=stl; // if you want to hide the data of a column }
  7. Many thanks Steve. It is very simple and should help many other people. Would be worth mentioning it in the Caspio documentation.
  8. I see how to add the wine name in the URL (I added it) but how can it be displayed in the header of the second page?
  9. I developed a search engine for wines. I would like to pass the wine name field from one page to another. Example: From http://www.winedecider.com/en/search.htm?wine=opus , click on the \"Find it!\" of the first line. You are redirected to http://www.winedecider.com/en/wine_offe ... id=6468387 In this page, I would like to show above the result table the wine name, here \"Opus One, Napa Valley red (US) 1987\". Thanks for your help
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