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  1. Can you please tell me how to use an existing field (i.e. Company Name) as the link to the appropriate \"View Details\" page, versus having to have another column (default name: View Details) in my search results table to link to the page. My \"details\" page is a \"Company Profile\" page, and I want the company names listed in my search results pages to be the hyperlink to the details page.
  2. drc

    multipage web form

    John: I followed your directions and that worked. My multipage form question is a bit different: - I don't need the 2nd page of the form to be authenticated. My new member registration includes 3 pages: 1) Page 1: general account and user info form 2) Page 2: additional fields if user elects to upgrade membership (the user shouldn't have to log in to access this form 3) Page 3: preview page, which should include all the field data from Page 1 AND -- if the user enters data on Page 2 -- all of the field data from Page 2. On Page 3 the user will be presented with two buttons: Back (to make edits to Page 1 or 2) and Submit (to complete the member registration). I'm also not sure how to redirect the user based on the fields displayed in the Preview page. If a user doesn't elect to \"upgrade\", then the Submit button on the Preview page should take the user to a Thank You page. If the user does \"upgrade\" then I want the same Submit button to take the user to my PayPal form to pay for the upgrade. Any and all help will be most appreciated. I've searched through the Help docs and didn't find any info on how to do this.
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