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  1. Thank you. Please consider placing this answer in the support section under the javascript section.
  2. Hello, I'm hoping some Javascript guru will take pity on me and explain how I can have a number field in a Caspio webForm with a default value such as this: Math.round(parseFloat((milisec+=1)*0.0000027778)*1000)/1000 Such a field would tick off the time that form was open configured as mixed decimal fractions of an hour. This could be very useful in the design of task management tools. I have successfully imbedded this script: *************************************************** IN DETAIL PAGE HEADER: IN DETAIL PAGE FOOTER: ************************************ and it will generate the ticking value as a form field outside of the caspio form. The challenge now is to make a field inside the caspio form take that value. I have tried to use the Calculation script provided by Caspio here... http://www.caspio.com/support/jssolutio ... orderBy=&= ...but I can't even get that to work in its simplest form. Here is my attempt: http://bridge.caspio.net/dp.asp?AppKey= ... F6B8B8I3A6 password (height) is 3 Thanks.
  3. Is there any way to create a report which sums the values from specific fields in multiple records?
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