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  1. Hi all, I want to bump this up as I would also like to create a crm that would include email from the app and saving those emails to create a log. Main idea is auto forward emails from gmail. Be able to respond to that email from within my caspio app as well as log the initial email and the outing email. Any thoughts? Cris CrisAguilar@jobaim.com
  2. Is there a way to do this now on my own or do I need to ask tech support?
  3. Oh... by the way... I lilke this BUT I would also like to update the various secitons listed on the right side. I believe a view will allow one table to be edited but not more than one and a datebase like this would require several tables in one view. My guess is I would have to create a link which could pop up an update form so I can edit that portion of the record. Any thoughts on this as well would be great!
  4. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I found an example of something that I would like to create. It has the basic idea and I like the panel to the right that displays the details info from the results from the list on the left. I also like the accordion style it has. Any thoughts on how to build this properly? I seem to build it and miss key parts which makes it inoperable as I didnt plan it all out properly. http://howto.caspio.com/content/loading/accordion.html
  5. Hi all, I have been a long time user of Caspio and have decided to redo my current job application. I want to set it up properly and want some ideas on how to do that. I have a real issue dealing with views so any detailed explanation about would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how to structure this within Caspio would be great. I understand how to pass perameters so that isn't an issue. Once again the logic on views often trips me up. Here is the project: I want an application where a candidate can add Basic Contact Info. At that point they will add a job or two (probably via a link by "HTML Block"). The same goes for their various school locations. From there they can log out. I would then like them to be able log back in and update any of those items and add jobs/education as needed. On my end I would like to search for candidates and add some internal notes. Here are the 3 tables Table #1: Basic Contact Info Name Address Email Etc. Table #2: Jobs Company Start Date End Date Duties Etc. Table #3: Education EdID School Graduation Date GPA Descripton of Studies Etc. Thanks!
  6. I would have to think there is a javascript that would allow this. Anyone know of a work around because this would be great.
  7. Help! I am wondering if the latest updates are not allowing these scripts to work or if I am missing something. I am gone over them several times but cant figure out what I am doing wrong. Any ideas? ------- The Script below I am putting in a reguilar FORM in the footer -------- function concatenate() { var FirstName = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFirstName").value; var LastName = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLastName").value; var City = document.getElementById("InsertRecordCity").value; var Industry = document.getElementById("InsertRecordIndustry").value; var Felony = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFelony").value; var Misdemeanors = document.getElementById("InsertRecordMisdemeanors").value; var WhatShift = document.getElementById("InsertRecordWhatShift").value; var HighlightSummary = FirstName+LastName+City+Industry+Felony+Misdemeanor+WhatShift; document.getElementById("InsertRecordHighlightSummary").value = HighlightSummary; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; --------- Script Below I am putting in a SEARCH & REPORT in the footer of the details page ------- function concatenate() { var FirstName = document.getElementById("EditRecordFirstName").value; var LastName = document.getElementById("EditRecordLastName").value; var City = document.getElementById("EditRecordCity").value; var Industry = document.getElementById("EditRecordIndustry").value; var Felony = document.getElementById("EditRecordFelony").value; var Misdemeanors = document.getElementById("EditRecordMisdemeanors").value; var WhatShift = document.getElementById("EditRecordWhatShift").value; var HighlightSummary = FirstName+LastName+City+Industry+Felony+Misdemeanor+WhatShift; document.getElementById("EditRecordHighlightSummary").value = HighlightSummary; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate;
  8. I have pretty much maxed out my skills on Caspio. I am not sure if I should learn more or to hire someone to help me with my project. If I needed to take full use of Caspio and or hire someone to take full use what programing skills should I (they) know? Thanks for your time on this, Cris
  9. I added the java script below to my form which is a great solution to limiting the size of a particular field. The problem is that it doesnt quit work for what I am doing because a job applicant (or someone wanting to create a resume) will want to see the whole objective to know if it fits them. Please check out my form at the link i have below. Goto the bottom of the form and you will see that I am using cascading dropdowns for "job application Objectives". Only half of the value shows up due to the script. If I leave out the script then the field pops over to the right and causes a scroll bar (which is very awkward). The only thing I can think of is to add some sort of line break (or paragraph break) in each field of my table so that the obective will be shown on two lines but I dont know how to do this and am not sure if it would work. currently my table has data that looks like this: Seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant where extensive experience and superior organization skills will be fully utilized. Enthusiastic, experienced executive assistant with five years extensive training in providing office support to senior executives. what I envision might work: Seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant where extensive (line or paragraph break) experience and superior organization skills will be fully utilized. Enthusiastic, experienced executive assistant with five years extensive (line or paragraph break) training in providing office support to senior executives. Does anyone know how to add a line break (or paragraph beak) OR have any other ideas on how to solve this issue? Cris document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordObjectiveDetailMain")[0].style.width = "600px"; http://jobaim.com/JobAim_Application.html
  10. Excellent! Worked Perfect! Now I need to see how I can use this. There are really alot of possibilites with this one. Thanks! Another good javascript!
  11. I found the answer to this... here is a link to it. http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/2688-date-range-on-my-search-form/?hl=%2Bdate+%2Brange+%2Bsearch#entry8560
  12. If I simply did as you told me this would have worked. I did try it but when I tried it I deleted the old code and inserted the new code. That is why it didn't work. Thanks! This is a useful bit of javascript!
  13. Thanks for your help on this but still no luck. I fixed the errors I made. I am wondering if I am not understanding a particular part of this. I am thinking that this gathers that fields together to make a string and then actually puts it into a field... in this case that field is called keyword. Is that right? FYI... I am putting this script in the footer of a form. The table for that form has a field named Keyword. I have tried it with and without that field in the form. I have also tried the two scripts below but both don't work. function concatenate() { var ClientName = document.getElementById(InsertRecordClientName).value; var ClientAddress = document.getElementById(InsertRecordClientAddress).value; var ClientCity = document.getElementById(InsertRecordClientCity).value; var ClientState = document.getElementById(InsertRecordClientState).value; var ClientZip = document.getElementById(InsertRecordClientZip).value; var Keyword = ClientName+ClientAddress+ClientCity+ClientState+ClientZip; document.getElementById(InsertRecordKeyword).value = Keyword; } document.getElementById(testClientsWebForm).onsubmit=concatenate; ------------------------ ----------- -------------------- function concatenate() { var ClientName = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordClientName\").value; var ClientAddress = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordClientAddress\").value; var ClientCity = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordClientCity\").value; var ClientState = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordClientState\").value; var ClientZip = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordClientZip\").value; var Keyword = ClientName+ClientAddress+ClientCity+ClientState+ClientZip; document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordKeyword\").value = Keyword; } document.getElementById(\"testClientsWebForm\").onsubmit=concatenate;
  14. No to both questions. If it is deployed then it will stay deployed unless you uncheck that option from within your caspio account. The url stays the same. You can even change the name of the datapage and the url will remain the same.
  15. I am trying this and its not working. I am trying this in a webform BUT if I was to try in what footer (there are 3 options) in the Search & Report form do I put it in? Does it go in the "Configure Search Fields" footer or the "Configure Results Page Fields" or the "Configure Details Page" (Yes I understand that the code is slightly diffrent if it is in a webform instead of search). (other info to help you help me) I added a field in my table named "Keyword". I am hoping to put these combined fields into that field so I can search on it. Also the name of my datapage is "testClientsWebForm". The script is copied below. I have double checked for typos but I don't see my mistake. help... anyone function concatenate() { var ClientName = document.getElementByIdInsertRecordClientName.value; var ClientAddress = document.getElementByIdInsertClientAddress.value; var ClientCity = document.getElementByIdInsertClientCity.value; var ClientState = document.getElementByIdInsertClientState.value; var ClientZip = document.getElementByIdInsertRecordClientZip.value; var Keyword = ClientName+ClientAddress+ClientCity+ClientState+ClientZip; document.getElementByIdKeyword.value = Keyword; } document.getElementByIdtestClientsWebForm.onsubmit=concatenate;
  16. Ok... we are almost on the same page. The above is great info and honestly I have already figured out how to do that but I am sure someone else would find this valuable. What I need to do is what you said: You need to deploy the Comments web form and the Comments Search and report in one page like what we have. I don't know how to do that. How do you deploy a Form & a Search/Report in one page?? Thanks for your or anyones help on this.
  17. I have dates (not a timestamp) that I would like to create a range for. I currently have 2 fields I can work with. I have a "DateStarted" & a "DateEnded". I would like to be able to search for any or all of the following (as examples): The last 90 days, and/or Dates between 6/01/08 & 9/30/08 any ideas??
  18. The problem with that is that then I am unable to have a "search form", I would have to have "pre-difined" criteria".
  19. Please log into Caspio's Support Portal and open up an old ticket. That is exactly what I am looking to do. Anyone have a solution??
  20. Excellent! Works exactly as I needed it. Now.. although it works great lets solve another issue with that numbered list. My results page has 2 pages. I have a total of 38 records that are devided into these 2 pages. The first 25 on the first page and the next 13 on the second page. The first page has a numbered list 1 - 25 and the next page starts over and numbers it 1 - 13. Is there a way to get that second page to number it 26 - 38?
  21. Can someone please put the code here so I know what to put in? I know where to put it but not exactly sure what to put. Thanks!
  22. Is there a way to add a field or something that would create a numbered list in a results page. I have a results page that is 25 records long and it would be nice if they were numbered so that when I resort them they get renumbered according to that sort. Any help?
  23. No... not that, although that might be a solution for something else. What I am wanting is to display 2 datapates but it looks like one. A typical datapage would be a search ... then a results page ... then a details page. What i want is a search... results (with form of a seperate datapage on top/bottom).... and possibly a details page. does that make sense?
  24. Ok.. i know this is not a typical standard feature of Caspio but I also know it can be done. Here is what I want to do. I have created a search form for some tasks that I have for particular companies. When I search for those tasks they pop up perfectly. What I would like to add another datapage (form) at the bottom of that search form. Any tips on how I can do this. I have tried to do it via html by putting two datapages on one page but the problem is they don't sinc. If I input info into that form it does load the page properly. I dont think that is my solution. I think the solution lies in the code itself which I would love a step by step on how to solve this Thanks all! Cris
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