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  1. Hello good people I have a search and report datapage. On the details page, I would like to display a webpage in something like an i-frame. The standard i-frame html doesn’t generate the page properly. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the help
  2. Hello good people As the subject implies, I am looking for someone to work with me to make some modifications to my datapages. The first thing on the list will be to create and deploy One-To-Many Relational DataPages (http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... pages.html). If you have experience and are interested, shoot me an email at jsawatske [at] crefirms.com and we can go from there. Thanks a lot. Joe
  3. Hello good people. I’ve built a searchable database of industry specific firms. I would like to display key personnel and their contact information in a separate data page. I would like that page to display only when the details page of the corresponding firm is displayed. I have a feeling I need to pass parameters between the pages. Beyond that, I’m flappin in the breeze. Is there a tutorial or additional instructions besides http://bridge.caspio.net/pages/help/DataPages/Relational_DataPages/passint_parameters.htm how I might figure out how to do this? I’ve searched high and
  4. Hi Is there any resource out there where one can see an example of what the table looks like that is associated with a cascading list box? This is valuable in instructing how to set up the search and report page, but I am having trouble getting the data to display properly and I have a feeling it is because I am just not setting up the table properly. Thanks a lot. Joe
  5. I think you might be right. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  6. Hello good people I am having trouble deploying data pages on a Joomla! site. When I paste the code in the html editor, the following is displayed: try{f_cbload("20851000c6e7h0e2i4j7b2e5d5g2","http:");}catch(v_e){;} Click here to load this Caspio Bridge DataPage. I am able to deploy properly on a wordpress page, so believe I have the mechanics of deployment down. Is there something unique to Joomla! that does not allow data pages to deploy properly? If so, is there any relatively simple work around? Thanks a lot. I really like your product. Joe
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