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  1. Morning, I'm trying to use cbResetParam=1 on the end of my webpage URL to reset internal parameters, and normally this works fine But this time I'm giving the instruction from inside my search form which is in an iframe, and nothing's working. Should I be applying 'cbResetParam=1' to the webpage URL, or to the scr URL (as I've tried to do below)? At the moment I've put the following code in an HTML block of my search form and run it off a button. <script> function myResetFunction() { document.getElementById('https://c2ect538.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=b8a94000367dd...').src += '&cbResetParam=1'; } </script> Many thanks for any help...
  2. Hello! I am trying to deploy a tabular report data page filtered by an external parameter on my wordpress webpage. I have downloaded the caspio plugin for wordpress, and I have had success embedding data pages in code blocks on "normal" wordpress pages built with the GUI web builder. However, the webpage I am modifying in this case is a custom .php file that is edited under Appearance->Editor in an Avada theme (I'm not sure exactly how to explain this). My report appears on this page if I use an iframe, however, this method prevents me from receiving parameters. Does anyone have advice for embedding a data page for wordpress directly into a customized wordpress file? I have tried the following and nothing showed up on the page: <?php do_shortcode('[caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"]'); ?> I also tried the following, which appeared as text on my page [caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"] Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hello, I don't know if it's Wordpress issue but for some reason, whenever I deploy a datapage in iFrame, both wordpress code and html code, it wont receive any parameters however when using different deployment, it's working fine. Currently I deployed the datapage using the other means but I'd prefer using iFrame on some instances. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I have been working on this issue for weeks now and I have even contacted Caspio and scheduled two expert sessions and the issue has not been resolved. I am trying to limit the number of people who can sign up for a training on our website. So if the limit for a training is 15, after the 15th person signs up, I want that training to close and people to no longer be able to sign up for it. I was directed to this url http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-limit-the-number-of-submissions/. I have set up all this to the best of my ability. My problem is that when my submission form is redirected to my single update form, there is a blank webpage. So to our individuals who are signing up, it could almost appear that they didn't sign up. I have tried everything and I'm thinking it could have something to do with parameters? It is set up that you have to have authentication, it is set up with a unique ID, which is eventid, and I did have it where <div style="display:none;"> this html was in the header. Once I took this away, it displays no records found. I have the header saying Thank you for registering, but no records found is displayed underneath that sentence. I have no clue what to do and I am stuck. I've attached what the the page with no records found looks like. Please help!
  5. Hi, My current code is: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function update() { var p2 = document.getElementById("cpParamVirtual10").value; document.getElementByName("cpParamVirtual4")[0].value=p2; } document.getElementByID('caspioform').onload=update; <SCRIPT> and I have it deployed in the footer of a submission form however it is not working. Virtual10 is a hidden field that loads with a passed parameter . Virtual4 is a cascading dropdown ( and on exit passed the parameter that virtual10 loads). I want to set the cascading dropdown to the value it was when the form was submitted the last time instead of resetting itself every time. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi I am new to using Caspio and would appreciate some help building a form and report which searches across 4 language database entries (L1-L4). I need 9 language search boxes in 3 columns (this will be expanded later to allow more parameters). The logical connection between each of the four boxes in each column vertically is AND and the relation between the 3 columns horizontally is OR. For example, to find people in the database who speak English and German and/or Spanish (and any combination of these), would look like on the search form: English English English AND AND AND Spanish OR Spanish OR German AND AND AND German [no selection] [no selection] I have built the form datapage using virtual fields to try to pass on to the report but I am struggling at this point. I can see that it is easy to have one search box searching records in L1-L4 using virtual fields, but not multiple search boxes searching multiple records in L1-L4. I have already looked at the various tutorials and guides on the caspio site but I cannot work this out. My general query is: is this possible? My more specific question is: is it possible to pass parameters from more than one virtual field to the report? More particularly, if, as in the case above, I have made no selection, can Caspio be told to ignore those fields for the purposes of the search? Many thanks for your help Toby
  7. You'll like this one! I have a virtual listbox in a submission form. I've made it multi-select by using the usual JS code. I want the user's selection(s) to return when a new search is made, so I went to the advanced tab of the datapage and put the same parameter that I pass on exit, into load. Everything works well if I select just 1 entry in the listbox (ie, that same entry comes back as highlighted when I do a new search). But if I multi-select an entry, when I carry out a new search those previous entries don't highlight. Instead, I see a new entry at the bottom of the listbox with all my previous entries separated by commas. Help! Also, how can I make cascading listbox selections return with a new search (both single and multi-select). There's no parameter 'load' feature in the advanced tab for that element. Many thanks
  8. Is it possible to pass multiple search parameters from inside an iframe to a separate results datapage?
  9. HI, I want to use a var. (variable) as a parameter value. Something like this: <script> var myTotalcont = parseFloat(myCells[column_number].innerHTML); if (myTotalcont>="[@field:GEBRUIKERS_Aantal_paarden]") { window.location = "[@app:Overzicht_paarden_klanten_accounts]?cont=myTotalcont"; } </script> How to work a round. in the window.location.
  10. Hi everyone, I pass parameters in query string from one datapage in another. There is a problem with passing + in the phone field. The + always replaces with white space. I found this topic: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1005676/urls-and-plus-signs It seems that I need to use java script code to fix this issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  11. I am very new to Caspio, I am having trouble figuring the best way to link 2 different databases. One is a list of applications and info of the person and the other is the info I enter if I hire them. My solution was a button on the application from the first database that opens up the second application and passes parameters of record number, name, email, and phone. Problem: If the employee changes their phone number and I enter it into the second data base the next time I open the second with the first it re-passes the parameter and overwrites the new phone number. Ideas?
  12. I followed the Facebook like button tutorial found here http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/social-media/add-a-facebook-like-button-to-your-datapage/, but when the like button is pressed it links back to my site with the correct external parameter in the URL string but it's not going directly to the details page for that item. Need to figure this out. Thanks.
  13. I have 2 tables for T-shirts:1 - purchases2 - InventoryI'm trying to submit a purchase through a submission for that gets listed in the purchases table (this part is easy), but then I need the inventory table to add the value purchased for that item to the current value in the table for that item to create a new value for that item that includes what was purchased already & what has just been purchased. I've been thinking on this for a while and can't seem to understand how to pass the parameter to two spots + have the 2nd spot get this parameter added to its current value. The purchases table will log purchases per item per date purchased while the inventory table will have quantities per item with only one record per item. I'm thinking that I need to have some javascript that tells the inventory table to "get" the new purchases and "add to" the current value. Any suggestions here?
  14. After working with Caspio Support I recommend the following change be made to the SOAP API "handbook". In section 3.3.28 UploadFile the VB example incorrectly states the final command with parentheses. It currently reads: aobjWS.UploadFile(strAccountID, strProfileName, strPassword, "file.txt", fileContent, "text/plain", -1, false) It should instead read: aobjWS.UploadFile strAccountID, strProfileName, strPassword, "file.txt", fileContent, "text/plain", -1, false I believe the handbook should be revised accordingly.
  15. I have a datapage where I need to reset some of the parameters to 0, but not all of them. How can I add a button/link that will reset certain parameter values to 0 and reload the page to show the changes? Here's what I'm trying but is not working... I have 2 parameters and need a button to reset each respective parameter, so I inserted an HTML Block with the following link: <div id="cxkg"><a href="MyDataPageLink&Parameter1=0">Delete</a></div> this reloads the page with the field cleared, however when I try to erase the second parameter with: <div id="cxkg"><a href="MyDataPageLink&Parameter2=0">Delete</a></div> the page reloads, the 2nd parameter is gone but the 1st is back to what it was before... Is this because the parameter is not saving? or is it some sort of auto-fill issue... Please help! Thanks!
  16. Hello, I tried to apply the examples from other post but not sure if applies, so I will try if somebody can help me to address the problem. have a table of where one of the field is a "number". I can insert a new line on the top of the table, but I want that the value of the "number" field of the new line is automatically filled with the MAX+1 value of all the others number in the result table. I already have the aggregate with MAX+1 and I would like to pass this value in the hidden "number" field. Thanks for the help Bye, Sergio
  17. I have a submission form where I've deployed an update form in the html block. The Update form were deployed using the iframe deployment. How can I receive parameters in iframe? Thanks
  18. Hello, Does anybody know how to decipher the [@cbUserAgentString] parameter? Specifically, Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.63 Safari/537.36 Can anybody tell me what browser this would be?
  19. I have a lookup table that lists several (around 20) items to check off in a to-do list where the table is named “todo†with fields setup as todo_Num (integer), todo_Item(integer) todo_Desc(text) and todo_Cat(text). I also have a “todo_complete†table with the fields of Comp_Num (integer), todo_num(integer), Fin(checkbox) and Explain(text). I have been able to setup a submission form with virtual1 field displaying the todo Descriptions in a dropdown with 2virt fields cascading the todo_Num and todo_Item, from todo_desc then linking to the todo_complete table. Unfortunately the dropdown and listbox do not display the desired user experience. I would like to list all todo items displayed as a check-off list. Where after checking an item on the list, the user can fill out an explanation of actions taken and that the item has been repaired. I have been able to show the full todo table rows in a report form (much cleaner) but am unable to pass the [@todo_Item] (and/or the other parameters) to the "todo_Comp" table submit form in an Iframe. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I had originally used the example as shown in the "Build an Inspections Management Application" http://howto.caspio.com/pre-recorded-live-training/build-an-inspections-management-application/ unfortunately Neds solution does not allow the option of adding tasks to the list without going into the Inspections table and creating new fields for that task. I also believe this structure would fail normalization in my situation, with multiple fields being dependent of others in the table. (for example the fields.. todo_Item, Number_of_Light_Bulbs_Broken and Action_Taken would be associated with each other). Much cleaner to hold the results in a separate "todo_complete" table.
  20. Hello, I find myself in the process of considering switching our format from HTML to WordPress (actually.. client has recently read a few articles on the wonders of CMS's). Personally I feel there are some advantages switching to WP, although I would feel better with the decision after hearing from the WP veterans. Any and all feedback (pros & cons) on experiences between WP and Caspio is greatly appreciated. We are running on a dedicated linux server, so the transition should go fairly smoothly. What bothers me (and I could be misunderstanding) is after reading through a WordPress search on this forum, passing parameters between data pages appears to be problematic. Passing parameters between data pages is utilized frequently within our site, so this has me a bit concerned. Thanks again for all feedback Jim
  21. I've been successfully passing parameters from a submission form, deployed as embedded in my web page, to a tab structure that contains several datapages for the results. This tab structure (also deployed embedded) is based on nested iframes and was built using Caspios embedded tab interface So far so good. Recently I modified the submission form by putting it in a tab structure with other submission form datapages. But this time I used the Ajax approach suggested by Caspio (http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-tabbed-navigation-for-multiple-datapages/) because I was told that this would be more reliable for passing parameters than using a second iframe embedded structure on the same web page. So in summary I have submission form tabs (Ajax based), passing parameters to nested iframe tabs Unfortunately the parameters which used to be passed are no longer being passed. Any ideas?
  22. I Have 4 Separate data pages that share 1 authentication. my first problem is i cant get the data page to stay logged in while its in an i frame. unfortunately i have it deployed on a mobile app and the only way that it will work is in an i frame. any other deployment method and i get error UNSAFE REDIRECT My second Problem is that i have cross app login enabled, which works perfectly with URL or html deployment so i know its properly set up, however i can not get it to work in my i frames. I'm sure the problem is in sending the parameters because I've had to switch to string quarry strings however i cant find a way to pass the password as a parameter. Any Ideas on how to fix it so the customer doesn't have to log in in each window?
  23. Hi I need some help. I am trying to add data to a table via a form that is already created with MachForms. They allow passing data to external websites via http post. I read the article on making this work with external forms but I can not make this work for me. The article referenced using <form method post action to the caspio URL> and adding hidden input type to the AppKey for the datapage. I have tried placing this everywhere and added it on the MAchForms parameters as well. I attached a screen shot of the notifications settings that I can control to pass parameters and to where it lets me enter the URL for my caspio datapage. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!
  24. Hi, I've been separating the Search and Reports data pages and using the Virtual field set-up to pass parameters. I've done this a few times before and it works ok. This time, I require the filter on the search to use 'Date from' and 'Date to' parameters. However, I can't find a way of formatting the virtual field such that it passes the dates in UK format, as opposed to US. Without this, my search is showing up the wrong results, if any. Any thoughts?
  25. Is it possible to delete/ reset parameters (automatically) , passed using URL string , once done? I am trying pass various parameters (three in total) to a single table using one auto submit. Passed data is stored in their corresponding columns ONE at a time. Only one data string is passed at once using URL query method. Just to simplify, data is collected from three different points at different time but they are passed using one Auto-submit to a single table. The situation I am facing here is when I pass one piece of information let's say 'ProductA_ID', the ID gets store in the virtual memory. Now suppose I pass "ProductB_ID' immediately after; In the table it enters ProductB_ID (in column & ProductA_ID (in column A). Which duplicates the ID of ProductA in the same column. One possible alternative would be use of different auto-submits for different products. However ideally I would like to know if there is a possibility to remove ID from virtual memory immediately after passed? Thanks in advance
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