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  1. Hello; Does anybody know a way to dynamically set the data source of a data page? For example: tblData_[@authfield:AccountID] AccountID = 1 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_1 AccountID = 2 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_2 Much Thanks!!
  2. I'm trying to pass parameters through Caspio between a submission form and a series of datapages (as seen in this training video: However, I am running into an issue. My data has a series of unique identities, split between two classes, one of which has subclasses. So far I have structured my search this way: Year | Class / \ Unique Subclass \ Unique On the Caspio side, it looks like this: Radio button | Cascading Radio1 / \ Listbox1 Cascading radio2 \ Listbox2 I have created rules to hide either branch A or branch B depending on the class selection. I'm trying to get both uniques to pass a parameter to the result pages named [@UNIQUE] The DataPage Elements looks like this: Virtual 1 - radio Virtual 2 - cascade radio 1 Virtual 3 - listbox 1 Virtual 4 - cascade radio 2 Virtual 5 - listbox 2 However, only listbox 2 will pass the parameter and search successfully. My speculation is this: If a selection is not made in listbox 2, the app will only pass a blank parameter since the blank listbox 2 is overwriting any selection made in listbox 1 Any ideas?
  3. I'm curious if anyone here knows how to have a user redirected to a web page (URL/Datapage/Etc) if a datapage that requires a parameter notices that parameter has not been received for any reason. For example, our users upon login are directed to a page where they select from a dropwon project they are working on. The project that is selected passes a Project_ID parameter that is required in many other datapages in our system. This is so that the user does not have to repeatedly select the project on each datapage after. This parameter is currently stored in the browser cache and frequently over time is either corrupted or removed from the browser cache. Thus making any datapage that normally receives the *Required parameter Project_ID display some sort of error due to the lack of the parameter. I would like to choose a URL/datapage/etc that would be a redirect destination if this required parameter is not present. In my previous example this destination would be the webpage where the user selects the Project and can pass the Project_ID parameter again. Ideally it would function similarly to basic authentication redirections where it checks the datapage attempting to be accessed against some specified criteria and redirects they user if the criteria is not satisfied. If anyone has accomplished something similar to this I'd be eager to hear about it. Thanks in advance
  4. I want to send an acknowledgement email to two parameters when a form is submitted, and also a third if that field is not blank. Two are cascading text fields that auto complete if available, and the other is filled in if the user submitting the request is not the person to whom this email belongs and enters their own email. Basically it is: Regional Manager Manager Submitter (this may or may not be a blank field) How do I send the acknowledgement email to all three, if all three are available- or at least to however many are available. Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I have two iFrames inside an HTML Page; one is a Submission Form, the other is a Report shown as Tabular. The iFrame with the Tabular Report receives parameters once you press "Submit" on the iFrame containing the Submission Form. It works, but I have to refresh the HTML Page in order for the changes to show in the Tabular Report. What I want is the iFrame containing the Tabular Report (or the entire HTML Page, either way is good) to refresh once i press "Submit" on the iFrame containing the Submission Form, so that the changes will show automatically after i send the parameters. Can it be done? Any help on this matter is appreciated!
  6. Hi there, In the App I am currently developing I have a "View Inventory" DataPage where my users can see (for a chosen product) what the starting inventory was A, how many units are reserved / shipped B and finally how many units are available C. C is a calculated field where C = A - B On this page I also have an HTML block with a control button that my users can click to create a shipment request, but I want this to be disabled when C = 0 because as it stands right now, there is nothing stopping them from ordering an item that is out of stock. The current code for my button is as follows: '<div style="margin: 10px;"><a href="http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=cde830001d57b1a237854adab459&Stock_ID=[@field:Stock_ID]&Product_Description=[@field:Product_Description]" style="background: rgb(61, 130, 171); padding: 7px 20px; border: 1px solid rgb(221, 221, 221); border-image: none; color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; white-space: nowrap;">Create Shipment Request</a></div>' I read on another post on here that the way to address this was to use Javascript, so following that advice I changed the code for my button the the following: <script type="text/javascript"> var cb_boolean = '[@calcfield:1]'; if (cb_boolean != '0') { document.write("<input type='button' value='Create Shipment Request' Name='mybutton' onclick='myfunction()'> "); } else { document.write("<input type='button' value='Out Of Stock!' Name='mybutton' disabled=true>"); } function myfunction() { window.location.href='http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=cde830001d57b1a237854adab459&Stock_ID=[@field:Stock_ID]&Product_Description=[@field:Product_Description]'; } </script> This worked in terms of disabling my button where C = 0, but then the parameters were no longer being passed to my shipment request DataPage. I suspect this is a syntax error of some sort, but being a newbie to the worlds of both HTML and Javascript I just don't know what I need to change. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  7. I have a number of instances of the user moving from one tabular report on a parent entity, by clicking on one of the records, to go another tabular report on the child entity. I am passing parameters through the query string. I have noted that if I happen to delete a record in the parent tabular report, and THEN click on some other record to drill into the child tabular report, then only the parameters of type [@field:XXX] get passed correctly, and other parameters of type [@XYZ] get dropped. This dropping does not happen if I have not deleted any record in the parent tabular report. This functionality is deep inside the app and you can't replicate the issue by simply going directly to that page so I am not including any URL at this stage. I have raised a trouble ticket as well in parallel. This has become urgent, appreciate the help.
  8. Good afternoon all, I am changing the source of an iframe based on a button press that runs a script. The url of the page the button is on is as follows: https://www.mysite.com/job-dash.html?Job_RID=1&Market_RID=1&Port_RID=1 And the javascript changes the iframe source to: src=https://c0eru288.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=[redacted]?Job_RID=[@Job_RID]&Market_RID=[@Market_RID]&Port_RID=[@Port_RID] Now it is receiving the Job_RID no problem, but is unable to capture the Market or Port RID’s Is there some trick I am missing in passing parameters from the URL into the iframe? The datapage itself is set to receive these parameters. I have made the fields on the datapage visible to ensure that it wasn't the page (they work fine in previews) but I am encountering this issue in multiple places when it comes to multiple parameters and iframes. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi, I'm making an app and one of its main uses is booking time. Every Booking has Days, and every Day has Times, and every Time has Services. I planned on sending the autoID from each of these tables to the next by passing parameters, so that Services at the end of this chain will have the ID of the Booking, Days, and Times. My question is why should I JOIN these tables if I'm passing parameters? I can always create Views with joins for the purposes of the views. I think I'm missing something basic. Second question, if I should join, which referential integrity checks should I apply? thanks
  10. Hey, I tried searching the forum but can't seem to find the topic I am looking for. I am running into a bit of a confusing spot, hopefully you all can help. I have 3 levels of registered users (ranked from "highest" to lowest) -Admin -Business -General I am trying to build a messaging system (I watched the classifieds tutorial that touches on this...still a little confused) that allows -General users to message -Business users, and have it show up on a report datapage (on the backend of the -business users profile page). It is working now so that when you click "contact" it automatically loads the business' User ID into the submission data, however I can't seem to figure out how to make it work so that it automatically loads the actual sender's ID (the -General user) and implements that into the submission form as well. Is this possible? If more details are needed please ask, I can tell you how I have the tables set up!! Thanks for any help!!
  11. I'm stuck. I am trying to create two web pages that are in a one-to-many relationship according to the tutorial and video from the Caspio support center. The directions have me add an html block in the Configure Results section of the search and report datapage that appears in the first web page. The html block is a simple tag to redirect to the next web page and pass an ID as the parameter. The next page then has three datapages deployed on it, each set up to receive the ID as the unique parameter and thus show data ONLY related to that ID. In our particular case, we have a database of volunteers called "elves" and each has a unique "Elf ID". The search and report page should allow us to search for a volunteer and then when we click on the html link set up, I want the next page to show that volunteer's contact information (a details report), contribution history (a tabular report), and their volunteer history (a details report). I did everything according to the tutorial and video. The search and results datapage is working fine, but when I click on the html link to go to the next page, it redirects me to the homepage of our website, not the correct url where the subsequent three datapages are deployed. I have checked and double checked the html code and it looks exactly like it should (and shows that it is passing the parameter - according to the url that comes up on the bottom of the screen when you hover over the link.) Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem?
  12. I'm trying to pre-filter a datapage based on an external parameter I pass along in a URL query. It's worked for me with no problems before, but for one page, I'm having a problem that once I use one parameter, if I try any other URL with another parameter, the first one seems stuck in the system. For example, I'll have this link filter the results for Colorado: http://b4.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=e2742000bfd7874f295c475987ea?State1=CO Then If I go to think link to filter for NJ, it still shows the Colorado results. http://b4.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=e2742000bfd7874f295c475987ea?State1=NJ I can't seems to figure out what's causing the problem. I've changed the parameter's names, recreated the table and database, and nothing has helped. Any suggestions? Thank you, Randy
  13. Hello Javascript Gurus out there I have been trying (for quite a while) to generate a user's latitude and longitude on a report automatically - to use them with a distance search. There are various topics on this forum (such as http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4205-html-block-to-detect-geo-location/?hl=geolocation), but none do quite what I want. If I try and adapt any of them, passing them from a submission form as parameters for example, I get an error code 'number too long' when I try and use the latitude and longitude to search with. Caspio's excellent Store Locator app does it with the mobile search, but it requires a button to be pressed ('Use my current location'). When I've tried to alter this to suit my needs, I've just ended up breaking it! Ideally, I would like to put the javascript in the beginning of a report and automatically populate the latitude and longitude search fields. In other words, a user would just open the report and it would automatically show venues closest to their current location (mobile or laptop), without them having to click anything. Any help [very] greatly appreciated. Duncan
  14. Is it possible to print parameters on a report datapage? I am using a submission form with virtual fields to filter my database and show the results on a report datapage. Here is a sample of my database. Each record contains these fields Field 1: Store Field 2: Catgory Field 3: State Some of the stores are represented in multiple states and rather than create a record for each store in each state I would like make 1 record for each store and enter each state, separated by commas, into the state field. I then search for each record that "contains" the state parameter requested on the submission form. So far this all works fine, but rather than display all of the information in the state field on my report datapage I just want to show the parameter used for the search. Any way to do this?
  15. Please help with following error when creating a Single Record Update Form "Your datapage must be authenticated or you must pass an identifying unique ID as a parameter. To update the record based on a unique ID parameter, be sure you have enabled Advanced Options and Parameters. " I have checked Advanced Options and Parameters boxes but I still get this message. Rey
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to pass multiple values through a singular parameter from a search form to a results page via a query string. I have read this help page, which explains how to pass multiple values as a single parameter using " OR " in the query string. It seems to work fine for text fields. However, my field is an integer, and it keeps returning "No results." I have tried the following: http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=APPKEY&Client_ID=2 OR 3 http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=APPKEY&Client_ID="2" OR "3" Can anyone tell me how to pass multiple numbers within a single parameter? Thanks!
  17. Hi, all. I need to know how to build a link to an uploaded attachment file using parameters. I'll put this link into an HTML block in my Search-and-Report form in order to make the link open in a new window. I can display the NAME of the file this way, but I don't know how to build a link to the file, which (because it has been uploaded) resides in Caspio: <p><b>Uploaded File 3:</b> [@field:Upload_3]</p> Thanks for your help.
  18. Hi guys, i need a small help! I'm passing a var data to an html page trough this script: var data = { registry: "[@authfield:registry^]", }; [@authfield:registry^] is a checkbox field, so it returns YES/NO. Now i need a more complex code. I would like to set something that do it: if { ([@authfield:registry^]= Yes & [@authfield:record^]= Yes) registry= Yes} else { registry = No } May somebody help me to fix this code? Thanks in advance Ezio Grieco
  19. Hi, to add a browser tab icon for a website, you have to reference it inside the <head> section of the page source code, not inside the DataPage. Place the ico address in header: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="ico address"> My question: how do I dynamically change the "ico address" with parameters passed by a caspio datapage? I'm currently using direct from caspio deployment method. Thanks.
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