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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All… Joined today and my first question to the Forum (I'm a novice so please forgive me if I ask dumb things about coding)! My web form contains some search fields and a pivot table, all on one page. For searching I use a submission form with virtual fields to pass parameters to the Pivot table report. Two of my virtual search fields are “Region†(listbox), and “Country†(cascading listbox with “Region†as the Parent), but I need to have ‘multi-select’ for BOTH listboxes. Thanks to this Forum I’ve managed to get multi-select ‘sort of’ working, using JavaScript in the footer: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* "Note that ‘cbParamVirtual1’ = the ‘Region’ listbox (ie Parent) */ /* " ‘cbParamVirtual2 = the ‘Country’ cascading listbox. */ var fieldName1 = "cbParamVirtual1"; var fieldName2 = "cbParamVirtual2"; var x1=document.getElementsByName(fieldName1); var x2=document.getElementsByName(fieldName2); x1[0].multiple=true; x2[0].multiple=true; </script> The problem: If I select just one region in Parent listbox, I happily get all the countries associated with that region in the cascading listbox. And I can go on to multi-select those countries. Perfect! BUT, if I multi-select, say “N.America†AND “Europeâ€, then my ‘Country’ cascading listbox just states “No options availableâ€. What I want is for it to list all the countries in both , “N.America†+ “Europeâ€. Somehow my multi-selections from the Parent just aren't being recognised. (Needless to say, this all works seamlessly in a tabular report format). I’d very much appreciate any help.
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