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  1. AdamS

    Pie Chart Labels

    Hi. I am trying add both the cbChartValue AND cbChartCategory to a pie chart label. Currently, I only see cbChartValue... any suggestions? Thx, Adam
  2. In our application the streetname en housenumber are stored in one field called Street. For a download we have to separate streetname en number in two fields (street and number). How can I do that using a datapage?
  3. Is there any way to restrict the possible date range of a calendar popup? I found a post that showed how to validate the element and show an alert, but what I'd like to be able to do is actually restrict the dates the user can select in the popup. Thanks, Andrew
  4. I have a working conditional statement using SQL. However, the output (following the "then" statement outputs plain text. Does anyone know how to force it to be formatted as a clickable link? Here's the full statement: CASE WHEN [@field:connect_PIF_ER_eval_complete]='' then '<a href="participant_evaluation.html?ER_ID=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER_ID]&Ev_Type=[@field:ER_Events_1_Event_Type]">Evaluation</a>' ELSE 'Evaluation Completed' END I'm sure it's obvious, I'm just not sure what needs to surround the href tag. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm editing a datapage with multiple custom HTML elements and it would be really nice if I didn't have to "finish" after each changed to test it on my server (bc this then throws me out of the datapage I'm editing and I have to re-select and and navigate back through the wizard to the right page to edit). Is there a way to save a datapage I'm working on without clicking the "finish" button? Thanks, Andrew Hughes
  6. Hi All, i am working with a project where in i need to display it in a monthly calendar view but i can edit it each day to update the records is this possible? I know other options like i can include details page but i want it to be editable on the first page without clicking the details page.
  7. I have separate search form and results datapage on one webpage. Is it possible to move the download data button, currently at the top of the report datapage, over to the search datapage? I've tried using CSS, but can't seem to escape the report datapage boundaries. I've also tried to extract the appSession link that's attached to the download button (using inspect element in Firebug), and assign it to a button I created on the search datapage. This worked for a short while until I realised that the appSession link is only temporary, so my download button on the search datapage sto
  8. Hi, The Search and Report datapage has only one choice now to add a new variable for the results and that one is HTML Block. Any reason I am not seeing calculated field, Virtual field etc. Other datapages seem to be fine. See screenshot below. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. On my table, I have a header titled "tags." I wanted to change the title to "Keyword." I edited the table on Caspio and changed the field name to match. While this updated correctly, the two datapages pulling from this table did not update to match (they still show "tags" instead of Keyword). Any idea how to fix this?
  10. Hello, am totally new on this. and i am not an IT person in fact either. my account is also on a free plan. I wish I could get helps on how to insert aggregations, in this case Count formula into the header/footer or HTML block in my tabular/gallery datapage. I created a datapage based on a Views. According to Release Notes, Caspio Bridge 9.1 has a new feature to allow insert a field in Aggregations. But, unfortunately I couldn't see the Aggregations/Calculations on DataPage elements wizard. Any helps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adhika.
  11. Hi, I've searched the forum but cannot find it. I'm looking for a button to go to another datapage within my app. I can create a link to another data page, but no button (It hink it goes wrong because it asks for class="cbMenuItem"") The style of the button should be preferably in the style of the Submit button used on datapages.
  12. I want to make a datapage element be visible or hidden depending on the value of another datapage element. How to do?
  13. Hi I used total & aggregation default function to calculation average score for table that has 12 months. The answer calculated has 6 decimal place but I want to have it round up. How do I fix this? There is nothing on the datapage round it up. Example (the actual calculation will give 2 decimal place in the below scenario. just for the purpose of illustrate, i have put in a dummy average value) Name Jan Feb Mar Name1 4.22 4.23 6.3 Name2 4.12 4.11
  14. I'd like to offer my visitors the ability to register for an account so they can save items they get from search results and maybe compare their saved items next to each other.
  15. Hi All, I'm trying to implement a data page report that pulls search results from 4 different tables (or categories). For example, on my search page I need to have four different columns of radio buttons that someone can choose from in succession. The results of the 4 choices will result in a report after hitting the submit button. So basically all 4 categories need to be combined behind the scenes to produce the results. Like narrowing down search results based on criteria (Car Make>Car Style>Car Color>Car Engine) results in only cars that match all four selections.
  16. Hi everyone, I am very new to Caspio. I am trying to build a directory of users for my website. I would like each user datapage to feature a picture as well as the user's details. I am having trouble trying to configure the datapage such that the picture is on the left of all the other details as shown below. So far I have managed to split the fields into 2 columns but am unable to make the picture the only field in the left hand column. Please help!
  17. I cannot get the right criteria to work in my datapage. I want to search records that falls in between two dates a start date and an end date. I tried the "Greater Than or Equal" and "Less Than or Equal" but that does not work. Thanks
  18. How do you add "Today" to "After Now" as a criteria for a datapage search?
  19. Hi, I'd like to share a performance tweak I discovered this morning. Filter your data at the Data Page, not the View. In a View, I filtered out values based on the criteria of time-stamped values from the last 30-days. The Data Page that used this view took ~9 seconds to load. I switched to Filtering a DataPage, and now it loads in <1 second. Think Easy CHAD
  20. TarikZiyad


    I want to make a website that has a homepage that has a login box that when a user enters the site he enters his username and password and then is redirected to another screen containing many data pages related to the username of the user. How to do that?
  21. Hi, I have an html page with 2 datapages in it. Both are in their own divs. I'm trying to get the second div, called 'callback', to refresh every 6 seconds. I don't want to refresh the first div. I've got this javascript to do it function autoRefresh_div() { $("#callback").load("https://c1eru548.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=f6344000919808bbf8fb4bb59cec&Email=[@authfield:Email]&Current_Password=[@authfield:Current_Password]"); } setInterval('autoRefresh_div()', 6000); The URL in the function autoRefresh_div is the deployment URL from Caspio for the datapage I want refreshing. Users lo
  22. I want to make a datapage that displays 1 record from my "listing_table" and all the associated bids from my "bids_table" Seems simple, I can't find where to do it. The key is I want to do it in 1 datapage as I am trying to keep my app within the $79 pricing range. I can see an example of how to do this with 2 data pages here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/parameters/how-to-create-a-one-to-many-relational-datapage/ But at this rate, I will have to pay $249 dollars a month for a very simple app.
  23. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to make data entry into an input field conditional on a checkbox being check or not? I have a service parts catalogue table in my app. When users key in a new part code into the input datapage they have to check a checkbox (or not) to indicate whether the part code is serviceable or not. If serviceable, then I would like to force them to have to enter a from and to date. How can I enforce this? Any help would be much appreciated
  24. In MS Access it is possible to set up an input form so that if a value is missing from a given field's dropdown box the user can then add this on the fly by being taken to the appropriate input form and adding the missing value before returning to their starting input form to complete their initial intended data input. I have attached a pic of where this is done in MS Access properties. Is it possible to do this in Caspio DataPages? If so, how and where is this done? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hi there, In the App I am currently developing I have a "View Inventory" DataPage where my users can see (for a chosen product) what the starting inventory was A, how many units are reserved / shipped B and finally how many units are available C. C is a calculated field where C = A - B On this page I also have an HTML block with a control button that my users can click to create a shipment request, but I want this to be disabled when C = 0 because as it stands right now, there is nothing stopping them from ordering an item that is out of stock. The current code for my button is as follows:
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