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  1. Hi all - I've created numerous datapages but for some reason when I deploy them a few of the fields randomly don't work. At first I thought I had made an error when developing them but when I preview them in Caspio they work fine. I double-checked my styling on my webpages and all seems ok, but the odd thing is on some datapages some of the top fields and bottom fields work, but some of the middle ones don't (I can tab to the field but can't enter anything, or if it's a drop-down box I can't select anything). The submit or search buttons also randomly don't work. I've re-deployed a few tim
  2. On my DataPages that have search criteria and a view details function, the field width always displays at the default of 25 instead of any entry I put into the Field Width setting. I have it using Characters as opposed to pixels or percent. If I Preview the DataPage everything appears fine. However, when I go to the DataPage from our website, it doesn't work. This error only happens if I embed code. If I use the URL, it works as it is designed. While I can alter many of my DataPages to use the URL as opposed to Embeded code, it seems as if there may be something of a quirk here. I
  3. Hi, I currently deploy my datapage directly from caspio. I use the following code for a floatbar that holds information at the top of the page (when user scrolls info and buttons stay at the top of the page like a toolbar). <span class="cbFloatBarText"><div id="float_bar">Patient:[@field:Patient_Registration_First_Name] [@field:Patient_Registration_Last_Name]</div></span> I am starting to migrate from deploying directly from caspio to deploying via embedding the datapage in my website. However, when I embed, the floatbar doesn't work. The floatbar contents simpl
  4. I have a responsive template on my website, but one particular section on a phone overspills over the right edge. This happens on any page that has a form / text from a Caspio deployment. An example page is: https://beautyandfragrancejobs.com/sign-up-step-3/?Candidate_ID=29500 I'm talking about the 'What You Get Section' On my iPhone the 3rd picture in each column goes over the right hand side of the site. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance.
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