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  1. Hi, it seems that the only way to make a field available as a PARENT FIELD for a cascading dropdown, is to make that field editable; otherwise, that field is not an option. I need to filter a dropdown according to a field that I can't allow to be edited. This is what I need on a Bulk Edit on a report: field type: cascading dropdown filter by: parent field parent field type: display only Has anyone run into this before? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Is it possible to have validated dropdown options when entering data into a table? I know how to do this in a datapage, but I would like to provide a similar option for internal users who have access to data on the back end.
  3. My Update form has 7 dropdown fields (Q1 – Q7) in which Rate/Yes/No options have corresponding numeric values. (Rate=No - No value, Yes=5, No=0) . We need help in 2 things. 1. Calculate and store the total Value of all the fields.To Calculate and store the total value of the Q1 – Q7 dropdown, we use the following script in the footer of the update form, (but it seems that it's not working) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculate() { var Q1 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordQ1").value); v
  4. I have a search form and a results page in the same webpage. The search form only has one field, which is a dynamic dropdown list. When I select a value from the dropdown list and click search the search is performed correctly and the results page changes accordingly. What I'd like to do is get rid of the search button, add a dropdown arrow on the righthand side of the search dropdown field and when I make a selection the seach to be carried out automatically. Any ideas how I might achive this would be greatly appriciated. Cheers Monoux
  5. Hi, My database has a dropdown list that users can pick from. They choose the product they want based off that list, however, many of them choose the same item or more than one. This means that I receive many notifications from the same person. Is it possible to block someone from choosing an item once they have chosen one item from the list?
  6. I am able to get the cascading dropdowns to work in the details page for first selecting state, then county. However, I am having difficulty making it work in the grid edit mode of my tabular report. Since going through some of the Caspio HowTo documentation, I made my County table into more of a cascading table format that includes columns for both state and county. (I also have a separate table with the list of states in case I need to go back to distinct County and State lookup tables.) When a user selects a county, there is an implied state with it from the County table. My goal
  7. Hi, I have an airport table with more than 16,000 records and I need to pull the airport code to a dropdown list control. This are a lot of records for a dropdown. In my form I have to fields, Origin and Destination. Those fields are for the ICAO airport codes, but for some reason the the dropdown just pulled down 10,000 records, is this a limitation? There is another way to point this. Thankyou Jaime Monterrey, Mexico
  8. When a selection is made from a dropdown list I would like to have the selection itself submit the form without having to click the "submit" button. How can this be accomplished?
  9. Hello; I would like to dynamically choose a lookup table for a dropdown list. Similar to a cascading dropdown, but where the actual lookup table changes. Consider the scenario... Parent Dropdown options: Opt1 & Opt2 When Opt1 is chosen viewOpt1 populates the child dropdown When Opt2 is chosen viewOpt2 populates the child dropdown I have a workaround envisioned that entails adding many fields to the lookup table, and i would prefer to not un-optimize my app by doing that. Does anybody know of a js that can help me with this? Thanks!!
  10. When the Search & Report page first pulls up, the fields are all blank, which is very useful to return all the records in a database table. However, if a non-blank field is chosen for a dropdown box (data is pulled from another Table), you can't go back to the blank field for a "Select All" search criteria. The Caspio Table will not accept blank values as a record. Any help appreciated!
  11. I have a test script in a submit form which gets the latest text value of a dropdown and puts it into another field dynamically using onmouseover. Virtual2 has the dropdown table. ************ <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function() { var hour = (document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual2').value); document.getElementById('InsertRecordLastallocagent').value = "Hello " + hour; }; </script></body></html> ************** When I try to use a similar script in an Update form - I change to "Inse
  12. I have a Submission form that has a Dropdown for "Product" and the next field uses a Cascading Dropdown for "Price". The following fields are "Additional Charges" and "Discounts". I want the next field to Total the previous three. I have placed the following code in the Footer of the Submission form: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function summation() { var Cost = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrice").value; var Additional_Charge = document.getElementById("InsertRecordAdditional").value; var Disc = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDiscount").value; var Total
  13. I am having trouble with a submission form getting a total amount. I can get the javascript to work if I enter values in standard fields. It works fine if I use custom values in a dropdown. Where the code does not work is when I use a cascading dropdown. The form is an internal billing request form. There is a price field which is based on the product selected in a previous form. When the select the product, the price goes into the cascading dropdown and fills in the form properly. After price is a field for additional charges and following that a field for discount. I have the fo
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