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Found 28 results

  1. Hi, I have an html page with 2 datapages in it. Both are in their own divs. I'm trying to get the second div, called 'callback', to refresh every 6 seconds. I don't want to refresh the first div. I've got this javascript to do it function autoRefresh_div() { $("#callback").load("https://c1eru548.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=f6344000919808bbf8fb4bb59cec&Email=[@authfield:Email]&Current_Password=[@authfield:Current_Password]"); } setInterval('autoRefresh_div()', 6000); The URL in the function autoRefresh_div is the deployment URL from Caspio for the datapage I want refreshing. Users login into the app and the first page they get is this html page. After 6 seconds the second div refreshes fine, but the system is putting up the standard User Name and Password fields again in the second div, so the user has to login again. The first div isn't doing anything which is the desired action. As you can see I've tried to add these parameters to the URL so it autologs in. Unforutnately it isn't working. If anyone has any ideas that woud be great. Thanks
  2. Hello Gurus! I am hoping to redirect users of my app to a login page when they get timed out. Does anybody have a workflow built for this? Currently, if a user times out they simply get logged out, but remain on the same page. So when they come back it looks like the attached image. This 1) looks unprofessional and 2) doesn't allow me to perform login routines that I can perform when logging in from the correct page. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated. BeGreat CHAD
  3. Dear all, I have seen the article related to this topic. But there is something I do not understand. I was ask to create one view per user type (I have three user type like in the example). Then to create on authentication per view. The last step is to create a Datapage to include the html code and to restrict the access with authentication. My question is which authentication to chose since I have created three? If I select one I will not be able to login with another profile than the one related to the authentication I chose. What did I miss?
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