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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone know how/where to change the css in the Styles for the Bulk Edit link when it's hovered over, for a tabular datapage. I can change the style for the link in Source/Page Action section: .cbResultSetBulkEditActionLink { /*Results Page Bulk Edit ActionLink Attributes (For Gallery And List Pages)*/ color: green; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-weight: 600; text-decoration: none; } However, this only changes the link style when it's not hovered over. When hovered over the 'Bulk Edit' link reverts to its defa
  2. Hi, I'm trying to change the background color of the wider datapage via Styles, meaning the white space that is 'around' the data table and also the Search and Details forms when they're opened. I've been looking in the Source of Styles in various places but can't figure out what the overall datapage background is called so I can change the color. If anyone can point this out that'd be very helpful!
  3. I have a Tabular form. How can I make the Table results invisible?
  4. Has anyone had any issues with styles following the latest Caspio release 18? I use both jquery datatables as well as Caspio results tables. Everything is built inside the Caspio environment. I've customised everything with my particular Caspio styles, Everything displayed fine until the new release went through a few days ago. Now, the row styles on my jquery datatable just don't get called. For example, I used to have row color banding (ie odd rows displayed as a different shade to even rows). But now my style code has no effect at all! Even adding '!important' in the CSS d
  5. Hi all, 2 things that I would like to get your help with: 1. Search results piece - when I click on the next page, I get directed to it whereas I do not go the the top of the result on the next page, rather stay at the level of the paging block and need to scroll of the way up to see the results at the top. Possible to change? 2. Is there a button to re-set the search form? I found one in the tech tips, whereas it re-sets the form to the previous values, not completely. Possible to do? Appreciate your help, IdeaPage
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to print the tabular report excluding some data? I have a tabular report, where we keep some data and one of the column is important for analytics, but should not be included in the printed report. It is a report with totals and aggregations, so I want to see in the printed report the totals without the aggregated fields, only the total without the data it combines. I know it might be possible to create two different datapages, but it is not good practice to use a datapage just for printing a single report sometime. Does anybody have any JS or
  7. I’m fairly new to this and am having difficulty adjusting my stylesheet to show results in a certain way. Not sure where i have to go to edit the relevant items. I’m trying to: Delete all borders around any cells or tables. Set Label text width to a fixed amount. Set the width of data fields to a certain width, and allow wrapping of text. Change the padding on data cells results. Screenshots of before and after attached.
  8. Is it possible to configure a report view to display table rows of data that have background table shading either based on a set criteria of the cell data, or copying from an excel data source file? For example, green shaded cellsi in excel data source are green in Caspio output, or Caspio programming can set cell shading based on cell values? Ie. if value > 1 then green shading, otherwise no shading. Any guidance I appreciated, could not see this in the support files. Thanks, Anthony
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