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Found 4 results

  1. When I use Grid Edit to add a new line to my table, I'd like it to automatically fill one of the columns preferably using a parameter that is already passed on the page. It's a required condition but in the context I'm using it for, it should be the same for all lines on the page. Is there a way I can set it to automatically fill this?
  2. What I hope to do, is autofill a table based on submitted start and end date of a project. The routine to be developed should create a record in the Milestone table for each 6 months period the projects lasts. i, mx, dur as integer dur = Round((DateDiff("m",[SA_StartDt],[SA_EndDt])+1)/6+0.3,0) = number of records to be created For i = 0 to dur mx = i * 6 Proj_ID // Period_No // Period_StartDate // Period_EndDate // Budget [Proj_Recno] // i + 1 // DateAdd(month, mx, [SA_StartDt]) // DateAdd(month, mx+6, [SA_StartDt]) // [SA-Awarded]/dur) Can I set this up as a trigger action on the table? or do I need to write a bit of Javascript and add this to a button? In both cases, I would appreciate some pointers. Floris
  3. JS code snippet below will copy value from one criteria field to another:
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking to assign a unique URL to my customers that when entered into a web browser will take them to one of my deployed datapages and autofill one of the fields to access the data page. Basically I think I need it to insert a record, however, I do not know how to build a URL to allow this. In other words, I want it to go to "mywebsite.com" and fill in a field such as "User ID" (User_ID being one of my parameters). Any ideas on how I can achieve this? Thanks! Logan
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