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  1. In Caspio's template "Appointment Scheduler" there is a calendar (https://apps.caspio.com/demo18/asr/admin/schedule-patients.html) with a "new appointment" button. Is there any idea how could I create a similar button in a calendar?
  2. When I try to preview my Calendar DataPage, I am getting the following error: "System error. (Caspio Bridge error) (80004003)" I haven't been able to find any information on what this means. I copied this DataPage from a working DataPage and all I changed was Configure Fields for Calendar, but now, no matter how I change things, I keep getting the same error. My Configure Fields has been reduced to simply a header, which I didn't change and only has CSS in it, one list field, and an empty footer and still I'm getting that error. Can anyone point me to where the problem might be or wh
  3. I've just been trying to resolve an issue with the local settings for time zone and date format ... but can't seem to get the DB to respond. I've set the time zone to Europe, Madrid and the date for mate to UK (day/month/year) but when I use the DB and try to amend an entry for instance ... the date ... the drop down calendar whilst showing the correct date (ie 3rd November 2019) when selected the data appears as 11/03.2019. Is there a way to alter this behaviour as it's causing problems ???? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a Calendar/Tasks table that stores a date for either an appointment or a task due date. I need to add a few functions and was hoping someone might have an idea of the best way to do this: 1) I need to add a Time selection for a calendar event. Meaning the user selects a date like normal (using the date picker) to put into a date/time field (the 'Event_Date' field in this case) but ALSO can select a time for the event (like a normal calendar like iCal or Google Cal). I know I can create a text field and use a lookup table for all the times (like 2pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm, 2:45p
  5. I am running a calendar data page which shows different code for service types in a day. Would like the all elements of the service type background to be certain colors. I found this link in the forum but is not working.
  6. As it is right now, a data page with a calendar only has 2 options, monthly and weekly. Is there a way to create a calendar that only shows 3 Days at a time? Sincerely, Jared
  7. Hello, I am creating a calendar data page in the "monthly" view. There are often weeks where there are no events, but aesthetically, I think it looks odd if these weeks are collapsed to be much smaller than the weeks that contain events. I changed padding = 20px in the ResultSetCalendarField element to make the empty rows slightly larger (see below). But this element also affects rows with events, so the discrepancy is still large (see screen shot). Is there any element to change that would make the default size of these empty cells larger? .cbResultSetCalendarField { /*Results Pag
  8. I wanted to clarify this question from another post here in the hopes a Caspio person will see this and resolve the issue. It would be extremely helpful to be able to push a new calendar event from a Caspio Submit (or Update) datapage to google calendar. I found a post that uses the example below to open Google Calendar and populate a new event's fields with example data. This creates a button that pushes it all in the url: <a class="btn btn-primary btn-xs" href="https://www.google.com/calendar/render?action=TEMPLATE&amp;text=Lunch%20with%20Stripe&amp;dates=201611
  9. I'd like to create a patient appointment/scheduling calendar for a doctor's office. The calendar datapage is not suited for this type of application. The time slots need to be fixed on the side like Google Calendar or Outlook's calendar. Does Caspio have an instant app for this? Have any Caspio user developed such an app they would be willing to share? Is there an opensource option I could integrate with Caspio? If I have a 3rd party develop it, how will it integrate with my Caspio database? via web services? Thanks.
  10. Years ago I added some JavaScript to my forms to prevent clients from selecting a "due date" that isn't at least two weeks in the future. Recently that code has stopped working, and all submissions are allowed through, regardless of the date selected. I think this may be tied to the recent Caspio updates. At least, that's all that I can see; the forms themselves haven't changed. Below I'm pasting my JS, which resides in the footer area of my forms. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (BTW, I know two weeks is 14 days, not 13. But my users don't seem to recognize that, so I mad
  11. Is there a way to warn a user if a record already exists for the username and date when adding or updating a record in a form or report data sheet? We don't require unique records, but would like to see a warning showing that there could potentially be a double booking.
  12. Hi, I would like to change the beginning of the week to Sunday (dimanche in french canada) instead of Monday (lundi). It does so in localization in English, but I need it in French also. I looked in the Define Localization Settings, but there is no setting for the beginning of the week for the calendar. Any Ideas? Thanks, André Couturier
  13. I'd like for some elements to be visible based on date. So, for instance, I'd like the calendar item to show a reschedule link if the date is not within 5 days of the appointment time. I'm not sure how to do this on the calendar view because there seems to be no way to use rules.
  14. This is my solution to fixed date squares for the Calendar. I find the calendar looks odd when it adjusts it's size to fit data, as many squares are different dimensions. The code is at the bottom of this post. Note: The calendar will not appear square in the preview section, you will need to save the style and apply it to a datapage. To make size edits to the code: EXPLANATION: 1. For the *-width styles, using a percentage value (1/7 = 14.28...%) will always result in fixed-proportion yet responsive widths. 2. For the *-height columns, Having a value of 180px,
  15. Is there any way to restrict the possible date range of a calendar popup? I found a post that showed how to validate the element and show an alert, but what I'd like to be able to do is actually restrict the dates the user can select in the popup. Thanks, Andrew
  16. Hello, is it maybe possible to display the calendar week on the calender result page? with DATEPART(WEEK,[@field:Date_field]) in a calculated field I get the calendarweek in each record, but I just want to display it at the top corner of every row. In this example the calendar week should be "Add New": http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-create-date-specific-new-record-links-in-calendar-datapages/ Do you guys have an idea? Thanks!
  17. Hi All, i am working with a project where in i need to display it in a monthly calendar view but i can edit it each day to update the records is this possible? I know other options like i can include details page but i want it to be editable on the first page without clicking the details page.
  18. Has anybody successfully integrated Caspio Calendar with the Google Calendar and/or Microsoft outlook. I am building a platform for users to offer/ showcase their services to potential clients. I expect them schedule multiple appointments and register for events using calendar provided, which is Caspio super-powered weekly calendar Once user enter information, I would like an automated email sent out to their personal email along with the links. - By clicking these links user can automatically add event data to calendar of their choice either Google or Microsoft or both. I was won
  19. Hi Is there a way to make a "Create Date-Specific New Record Links in Calendar DataPages" if we use the wordpress deploy methode. I tried this code below but it only works in the preview. <script> var month = ""; var allSpanTags = document.getElementsByTagName("span"); for (i=0; i<allSpanTags.length; i++) { if (allSpanTags[i].className == "cbResultSetCalendarCaption"){ month = allSpanTags[i].innerHTML; } } month = month.replace(/January /gi,"1/Day/"); month = month.replace(/February /gi,"2/Day/"); month = month.replace(/March /gi,"3/Day/"); month = month.replace(/April
  20. I need to create a reservation system for managing a couple student apartments in different locations. I've created a reservation form and a calendar data page but the calendar doesn't show the data the way I would like it to (most likely because I'm just not sure what I'm doing ). Two questions: 1. If on the reservation form someone reserves Room A from January 1 - January 10... how do I get that person's reservation to show on all of the reserved days (January 1 - January 10) on the calendar instead of just the first day of the reservation (January 1)? 2. Is there a way to color cod
  21. Hi all, I want to display only first letters of weekdays in my Calendar DataPages. I believe it's simple, but I cannot find the correct setting. Thank you for your time!
  22. Hi, all. So, I need to make the calendar date selection tool available to my form's users, but I don't want them to select a date that is less than two weeks in the future. In other words, if today is Sept. 10, the earliest date they should be able to enter/select is Sept. 24. Ideas? Thanks much!
  23. I have a table that has a few date fields in it. Each record has fields for 'Item Created Date', 'Estimated Ship Date', and 'Estimated Finish Date'. I need to have a single calendar that puts each of these dates (if there is a value in that field) and another fields value (for description) in the same calendar. For example. A record in this table with a Field:Description value of 'Oushak Rug' could have: Item Created Date: 05/01/15 Estimated Ship Date: 07/06/15 Estimated Finish Date: 09/03/15 I need the value 'Oushak Rug' to show up 3 times on the calendar, once for each date, a
  24. Hi all, I am using the code to make a datapage more responsive, and while it works wonderfully, I don't know how to make the calendar popup larger to be usable on mobile. When I click on the calendar it shows up but it is way to small to be mobile friendly. Below is what I have for the responsive code. I've been searching styles to try and find out how to change the popup but have been unsuccessful. Any and all help is much appreciated! <!-- Responsive Code Begin --> <style> /* Change max-width to what size you want the form to change at */ @media (max-widt
  25. Hi; I found a simple solution to the calendar popup being cut off by the edge of the page. This moves the popup to the left of the field so it pops up over the field rather than off the page. #DateField, img[alt="Calendar"] { float: right; } DateField ==> InsertRecordDate or EditRecordDate or cbParamVirtual* BeGreat CHAD
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