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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, Completely amateur user here. No coding experience, no database management experience. But I want to create a game to play with my friends. Here is the thing; I want to setup a signup table. I did this, and I think it is OK to write to a USER database. Then I created another Table. With Column 1 being A through C. And A has an outcome of a or b. So does B and C. Same outcome. I want Caspio to spit out a datapage that goes to my table and Picks A (not a variable but a constant on the datapage) from my tables, and allows the user to pick a or b, AND assign a value to it. All this should be user specific. in other words, User #21 signs in, Sees a table Table Lists A, with options a or b (preferably dropdown), and a field for value Table Lists B, with options a or b (preferably dropdown), and a field for value Table Lists C, with options a or b (preferably dropdown), and a field for value So the user selects a for A and enters 25 Then selects a or b for B and enters 30 Then selects a or a for C and enters 12 This comes back to me as a table: User..... Variable... Selection.....Value #21 A a 25 #21 B b 30 #21 C a 12 I don't even know if this is doable in Caspio. What do you think?
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