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  1. Hi, We have a datapage of a list of current records. At present, we click on a link, and the individual record opens up in a new tab / window. What we would like to do, is have the record appear in a lightbox / modal. However because there is no active "link" involved in opening up a modal (done with Bootstrap - it's simply: data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModal") and then I would put the Caspio deploy code within div class="modal-content" - how would I ensure the correct record opens up? Many thanks Nikki
  2. I want to add the Roboto font to my DataPage as a custom font. How do I do that?
  3. Any ideas on 'how to format' this custom link to be inline with the 'data download' link and include an icon? Please see below code I'm using for the custom link placement and the attached image, thank you: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var child = document.querySelector("li[id^='DataDownloadButton']"); var parent = child.parentElement; var a = document.createElement('a'); var linkText = document.createTextNode("my title text"); a.appendChild(linkText); a.title = "my title text"; a.href = "http://example.com"; parent.parentNode.appendChild(a); }); </script>
  4. Hello, I often use the following SQL code to create a calculated field which concatenates elements of a list with a character separating them (here is it a vertical bar "|"). For instance, here I am creating a list of all the common names for a given plantID (CPCNumber) in the table tblPlantCommonNames. Is there a way to create this code but remove the character from the end of the list? SELECT CAST( CommonName AS nvarchar) + N' | ' FROM tblPlantCommonName WHERE CPCNum = [@field:CPCNumer] for xml path(N'')
  5. Hi I used total & aggregation default function to calculation average score for table that has 12 months. The answer calculated has 6 decimal place but I want to have it round up. How do I fix this? There is nothing on the datapage round it up. Example (the actual calculation will give 2 decimal place in the below scenario. just for the purpose of illustrate, i have put in a dummy average value) Name Jan Feb Mar Name1 4.22 4.23 6.3 Name2 4.12 4.11 6.44 Mth Avg 4.31123 4.1732 12.74234 how can i round up to 2 decimal point 4.31123 to 4.31?
  6. In my application I want users to be able to edit fields for events that are associated with the current calendar year, but not past years. I am using a Calendar DataPage that displays the events based on the filtered Year and other variables. Each event has a link that routes to a webpage that displays the event's details. I have two links, one that directs to an editable DataPage and the other to a non-editable DataPage. I only want to show one link per event, which is dependent on the filtered calendar year. I followed the directions in the following forum post, but the link does not hide as expected on the filtered year: Calculated field (CalcField): CASE WHEN [@field:Event_AY] = '2022-2023' THEN 'show' ELSE 'hide' END First HTML Block contains URL: <a href="#" id="link-id-[@field:Event_Table_ID]" target="_blank">Details</a> Second HTML Block contains script: <script> var link = document.getElementById("link-id-[@field:Event_Table_ID]"); var htmlBlock = link.parentElement; var entry = htmlBlock.parentElement; var calcFieldIndex = 4; var calcField = entry.getElementsByClassName("cbResultSetData")[calcFieldIndex - 1]; if (calcField.value !== show) { htmlBlock.style.display = "none"; } </script> I know the calculation is working, the show/hide link just isn't working. Any insights would be appreciated.
  7. Hi All, i am working with a project where in i need to display it in a monthly calendar view but i can edit it each day to update the records is this possible? I know other options like i can include details page but i want it to be editable on the first page without clicking the details page.
  8. Hi, is there any way to download the data from a Tabular Report Datapage via the API? Or even export it?
  9. Good day fellow Caspio developers, I have a DataPage where I have set up a link using the Link Menu generator found at https://b4.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=a3012000cb4d6f2877864fd4a875 that delivered the following script (where I have added a little font formatting too): <span style="font-size:12px;"><span style="font-family:tahoma,geneva,sans-serif;"><a class="cbMenuItem" href="#" onclick="window.open(&quot;https://c0esh337.caspio.com/dp/cdemyDataPageAppKey?Dest_Country=[@field:Country_Name]&amp;Company_Name=[@field:Importer_Of_Record]&quot;,&quot;mywindow&quot;, &quot;menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=700&quot;)">View IOR Contact Details</a></span></span> The general idea here is that when the user clicks on the link, it opens up a pop-up page displaying the Importer_Of_Record contact details and it works just fine for that purpose. However, there are instances in my data where there is no record in the Importer_Of_Record field and so when this is the case I would like the script to recognise this fact and hide the link. Is this possible and if so what changes do I need to make to my script? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Stephen
  10. We need to create a manual sort in a pivot table on a data page. We want to have size (XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL) appear in order on the rows rather than alphabetical. How can you do this? Thanks...
  11. I have separate search form and results datapage on one webpage. Is it possible to move the download data button, currently at the top of the report datapage, over to the search datapage? I've tried using CSS, but can't seem to escape the report datapage boundaries. I've also tried to extract the appSession link that's attached to the download button (using inspect element in Firebug), and assign it to a button I created on the search datapage. This worked for a short while until I realised that the appSession link is only temporary, so my download button on the search datapage stopped working the day after! Is there not a more permanent link for the datadownload that I can apply to a button? Thanks for any guidance.
  12. I'd like to add some HTML to my Datapage to conditionally change the color of a report's background and text color based on the value of a calculated field. This field finds the number of days left until a project is due. I'd like to change the text color of this field to red and the background to yellow if it is past due (if the days left are negative). I know there are a couple of other pre-existing threads on this topic but for some reason I am having no luck. I pasted these in the source of my header but they had no effect. Let me know if you see anything wrong with my formulas: //for the background <a id="visi[@calcfield:1#]"> <script> var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@calcfield:1#]"); if(isi < 0){ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = 'red'; } else{ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#NoColor'; } </script></a> //for the text <div id="mydiv[@calcfield:1#]"> </div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if ("[@calcfield:1#]" < "0"){ document.getElementById("mydiv[@calcfield:1#]").innerHTML ="<span style='color:red;'> [@calcfield:1#] </span>"; } </SCRIPT>
  13. I'm using a barcode reader to scan an order in a form, passing parameters to another form that scans the product sku, and the 2nd form opens itself up after each sku for however many skus are related to the order. It works well. The sum of the skus scanned by product are in another report datapage that updates on the same page the 2nd form is on. The report queries both the table used to scan skus for a sum by product, and a table containing data from shipping software that contains what should be shipped within it's table.... The only issue with this setup is that I'd prefer to get rid of the 2nd form, and just scan the order# , then pass parameters to the report page and use inline edit to scan skus.... the barcode reader hits enter itself with each scan and I have the button hidden... I can't get this done BECAUSE I can't get the cursor to focus on the inline edit field for skus when the first page opens the report. I think there should be an option for this like there is for forms....but since there isn't, I've been trying a bunch of scripts....here's my latest.... Footer: <script> { document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').focus(); document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').select(); } </script> Any ideas how I might fix this???
  14. I'd like to make the format of my list report look nicer, how can I do this? Specifically, I'd like to be able to highlight every other row of data (not data cell) and align the labels and the data so that they are directly underneath each other. Edit: Additionally, it would be nice if I could have conditional formatting on the data so that if it is below the goal, the text turns red and if it's at or above the goal the text turns green. The data cells are using calculated fields. Is there a way I can do this conditional formatting in an HTML block that references the calculated field?
  15. I'd like to make the label on my datapage display the current month. Is there a way I can do that?
  16. I have a field that is set to truncate at 50 characters but when I enter grid edit it no longer truncates. Caspio support told me this is the expected result. Anyone know of work-arounds for this?
  17. I'd like to be able to timestamp when each individual column is updated. Basically, when column "x" is updated, the column "timestamp_x" is updated with the time "x" was updated and when column "y" is updated, column "timestamp_y" is updated with the time "y" was updated and so on. Is there a way to do this with a trigger? Or within the datapage with HTML or with a calculated value? Let me know if you know a solution! Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am building a dynamic document that comprises of first page one followed by several pages of wording and a last page. The first page and last page get data from multiple fields in Table A. The wording pages get data from a multiple records in Table B, but only from a single field (ie. each record in the wording table represents a paragraph that is marked up in html for formatting). Ultimately I want my users to be able to download the complete document as a single PDF. I found the Details Data Page works well for to PDF the first and last page as I can add some calculated values and set page breaks where I want to be using the PDF option. I also found that a table data page works well for the wording as I can query the wording table and display all the paragraphs as a table. However I’m struggling to combine the two that results in a usable PDF. I tried using two data pages (Details and Table) with an iframe to embed the wording from the Table within the Details Data Page. This worked to a point but I struggled to dynamically size the iframe when the wording went over a page but more crucially the iframe split some of the sentences in half when I created the PDF as it treated the iframe content like an image rather than lines of text. So I stopped this approach. I found when I added all the paragraphs manually to a Text(64000) field I can get the wording to display correctly. So my question is - does anyone know if it’s possible to combine the contents of the same field from multiple records in the same table into a single Text(64000) field? Either using a triggered action or a virtual field? I think if I can do this then I can probably create PDF documents that include my fields plus the table content. Many thanks for your thoughts Jay
  19. i have changed / added / renamed fields in some tables. i have checked the views which use those tables, and have ensured that the changes are reflected in the view (e.g. ensured that 'include all fields' is checked). however, whenever i use a VIEW for a datapage, the 'datasource' fields that are available for record-level security or for lookup tables in dropdown elements show only the old fields and the old field names. the only way to see the correct fields is to use the table as the datasource, but of course that shouldn't be the case. all this is to say, it seems that dropdowns in datapages for lookup tables and record -level security are using cached versions of the original view/table. a screenshot is tough to pull off, but perhaps this example will help: current table fields: field ABC (originally named field AB) field XYZ (not originally in table or view) current view fields (match table, as expected): field ABC field XYZ fields available for dropdowns and record-level security in datapages (does not match table; unexpected behavior): field AB (not field ABC, and not field XYZ)
  20. After a long day of coding/working, I inadvertently and accidentally deleted an important Datapage... Is there any way to restore the datapage? I have the Appkey...
  21. I am creating a new Application and found one issue. I need to check a number of registered and unregistered users visiting my DataPages. Question: How can I track the user logins to the DataPages?
  22. Hi, If we have a schedule table and using two fields ScheduleStartTime and ScheduleEndTime, both being date/time fields like 4/4/20 10:00 PM and 4/5/20 06:00 AM, how do I filter for all records being from 4/5/20 1:00AM to 5:00AM? I need all schedules that falls partially between those timings? See example attached. thanks
  23. Looking for a way to add the same filter capability that is on the Table Datasheet Filter so I can easily add or remove Fields and search logic on a results page.
  24. Hi, I'm new to Caspio and would like to know if it's possible to configure a calculated field as a Search field in Data Page? It seems that it's not possible, but what's the workaround? I tried to get the maximum value from another table based on simple field matching with the main table. Tks Regards, Ryan
  25. I want to hide everything below the "Download Data" button in my tabular report DataPage. Tried adding Header & Footer with: <div style="display:none"> </div> But it also removed the “Download Data” button. Any ideas?
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