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Found 10 results

  1. As of now, the Details page of my DataPages open as a new link and refresh the page. I saw that there was a way to have images in the Details page open in a lightbox; is it possible to have the Details page itself open as a lightbox? Thank you!
  2. Hello All, I have a Details datapage that filters to show multiple records (one record per page but all accessible with the Next/Previous buttons). I'd like to be able to, from the browser, click Print and print to pdf ALL of the records in the results into a single PDF doc. Instead it only will print the current record. Does anyone know how to do this? I would put the records in a tabular, list, or gallery datapage to do this but the problem is forcing page breaks in the right place so images and/or text don't get split in the pdf. I was hoping to be able to utilize a Details page to avoid this issue...
  3. Is there an ability to add a PDF file for downloading on the details or report pages? I would like to add a corresponding PDF to each database entry and have it available for download from the details pages of the results. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Hello, I have a Details datapage set up so when Update is clicked it goes to the next record. I need to figure out how to create a custom button (to put in either the Footer or an HTML block) to go to the Next Record (and a button for Previous, as well) so that the user can cycle through without clicking Update. The standard record navigation arrows at the bottom will not work for UI reasons (I need to make the custom 'Next Record' button relabeled and hidden in various scenarios). Does anyone know how to create a custom button for Next Record? As well, I also need to know how to hide that button (if it's in its own Section in an HTML block) when the Details form is at the 'last record' of the series (because there will be no 'Next Record' at that point). Any help would be greatly appreciated-
  5. Hello All, I have a Details datapage that I'm using to update a series of related records, one at a time. I've got code to run the update automatically (so the user doesn't have to click a button). The final setting is "Navigate to next/previous records" so it cycles through all the related records (filtered by a common ID number for each record). What I need it to do is, after the LAST records is updated, go to a new web page entirely. I don't know how to do BOTH "Navigate to next/previous records" AND THEN go to a new page after last record is updated. Does anyone know how to do this? Many thanks in advance!
  6. I have a Details page that I'm using Auto Submit code to cycle through and update related records. However, when it gets to the last record (for example, 4 of 4) it keeps in the 'submit' cycle. I need the form to stop submitting once it's submitted the last record. Then, ideally, I need the form to go to another web page. But getting it to stop submitting after the last record update would be a good first step. Does anyone know how to adjust the Auto Submit code I'm using below? <script type="text/javascript"> if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000); } </script>
  7. Hello, I have a Table that includes a field for urls. I would like to display an image in my datapage details page and have that image link to that url. Is that doable? How? Thanks! Gil
  8. Urgent help wanted with my DataPage: Reports Details!! I want to select a field from anathor table. te fieldname is: MJOB Inspectiebrief File, its a file. I want to do that with a virtual field, but I cant select an Parent field? Please help. With the Form element I only
  9. Hello, Thanks in advance for checking this out. I use separate Search and Results datapages to filter a results table on a single web page. I am looking for a way to hide the Search fields if a user navigates to the "Details" view. Is there a way to do this with JS? I figure I could also remove the details page, create a new details only datapage, and just use an html block link with querystring parameters from the results table to connect the two but am more interested in if there is a coded way to accomplish this. Thanks again. codell
  10. I want to be able to display 2 decimal places in my details page which is editable where the value in my table does not have decimal places. This field has a Form element of text in my details page. For example: Value in table is 25 I want to display: 25.00 in my DataPage which can be edited
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