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  1. Hi, I am trying to embed multiple calculated fields in my HTML Block with the website raw HTML code, but it changes the structure and look which is not desirable. Could someone please troubleshoot for me where I'm going wrong? What it should look like: (This is with individual datapages embedded in each block) What it comes out as: (When I try to combine all of it in one datapage) Here is the original HTML: <div class="container-fluid"> <div class="d-sm-flex justify-content-between align-items-center mb-4">
  2. I have a HTML Block displaying a QR Code from an URL I received here: However I would like the data to be used to populate the QR Code be from a table called tbl_btc_address in a column called bitcoin_address and also select the first value that is not ticked (No). Could someone please help in this custom request?
  3. hello everyone, I am new to caspio but am very happy of their existence. let me explain. as a computer consultant i have been hired to upgrade a customer's website. He has one created exclusively with tools from the DIY website wix.com sadly, wix does not support my customers request for a database. Happily, Caspio DOES support database usage within a wix built website. I first went to Caspio support but they referred me here (for free). Specifically: database has four fields --- first name, last name, ls certification, certificate i.e. text, text, nn-nnnn, pdf file input:
  4. Is there a way to preview HTML email in trigger without enabling it and sending the email?
  5. Hi Guys, hope someone can assist me with this. I'm creating a Html page which has 3 buttons. Each button has a redirect link to a sharepoint page which contains excel sheets, word files stored in it. I require a code for the buttons which can change based on data availability on sharepoint in this Html page. For example if my system date is 9/24/2019 and if any file is available on sharepoint link with same date information the button color changes to green and if not then red,
  6. Hello, In a tabular datapage I need to show/hide a field (text64000) that contains html markup and needs to display as html. I use a div id to isolate each record in the tabular datapage's recordset. Then I use an 'if' statement to check the values of 2 fields in that record ("field1" and "field2"). If both criteria are met I need to then show the text64000 field ("field3") in html format. If both criteria are NOT met I need it to show nothing. The below code works to check "field1" and "field2" and then show a value in the span, either a typed in text value or a normal text
  7. I wish to create a multiselect dropdownlist with few group title, which we normally known as "HTML <optgroup> Tag". We can't customize the html inside Caspio Datapage. Is it possible with javascript custom code? Sample image is here below please check and thanks you.
  8. I am trying to create an html block with custom JS code that converts my Record Count Field into a hexadecimal value. Eg. RecordCount = 1000, then convert to Hex = 3E8. I need this value to be displayed. Can someone please assist me with some code?
  9. Please Help!!!! I need to insert a button into a form that when clicked will copy data from one field to another field in the same form. Here is what I have: <script> function onSubmitClick() { "SUB_OD_CYL" = "SUB_OD_SPH" } </script><button onclick="onSubmitClick(); return false">Click Me</button> The field names are : SUB_OD_SPH I want to copy the value entered into this field and place the same value in the field - SUB_OD_CYL I'm sure I'm missing things in the script but I cannot find any clear direction - please
  10. I've added a "Reset Search" button in a search page and wonder if it's possible to have the "Reset Search" button be on the same line as the "Search" button. I'm looking for something like figure A in the attached image. I know how to add an additional "Search" button thanks to this thread and I've come up with this code: <div align="center"> <input class="cbSearchButton" id="searchID1" name="searchID" type="submit" value="Search" /> <input class="resetButton" onclick="window.location='[my_URL]'" type="button" value="Reset Search" /> </div> However
  11. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to render a calculated field as HTML? I tried outputting HTML tags inside calculated fields, but they display as plain text. Thanks in advance. -dspolyglot
  12. Hi I need to add a button that will redirect to a specific page on a HTML form This button must be visible or not visible based on a condition from an authentication field I created the html form and added this code: <script> if("[@authfield:User_Role]" == "Manager") { ---> Add a code here that will show a button that will redirect to a page } </script> Can someone send me an example code that I can place between the brackets? I tried several options but nothing works.
  13. I need to display a link after a certain time/date (essentially "now" compared to the date entered in the record) in a table. (IF date.table IS AFTER NOW then show this link: http:...) Using rules and sections seems to make the most sense, except I can't figure out the criteria settings. : Condition, Operator, Value. If it's possible to do this right in the HTML/JS, that's cool too. (the script checks to see if someone has completed the form, and displays one of two different links) <script> if ('[@field:connect_PIF_ER_eval_complete]'.length<3) { document.write('&
  14. I have a working conditional statement using SQL. However, the output (following the "then" statement outputs plain text. Does anyone know how to force it to be formatted as a clickable link? Here's the full statement: CASE WHEN [@field:connect_PIF_ER_eval_complete]='' then '<a href="participant_evaluation.html?ER_ID=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER_ID]&Ev_Type=[@field:ER_Events_1_Event_Type]">Evaluation</a>' ELSE 'Evaluation Completed' END I'm sure it's obvious, I'm just not sure what needs to surround the href tag. Thanks!
  15. I have the following code in the footer and it produces a button on the bottom of my results page that works to redirect the user to another url. <script type="text/javascript"> if(!document.getElementById("norecord")) { document.write('<button onclick=document.location.href="https://www.myirlog.com/logbook/new-record-entry">No, Really, I want to add a new record</button>'); } </script> However, when I put that same code inside of an HTML block, it does not work: <script type="text/javascript"> if('[@field:participant_1
  16. Hello, Here is the situation, I need to be able to use html to create a button on a form that will direct the system to generate an email, - that part I have figured out - the hard part is that I need to be able to take data from the Caspio form - and using that data generate a text file that is attached to the email being sent. The content of the text file will be simple instructions populated by the data retrieved in the lookup form. Ive not had much luck finding anything on how to do this - can anyone help?
  17. I am trying to integrate Wix with Caspio. In this case, specifically calling a datapage that I defined, by clicking on an image on a Wix website I am building. The Caspio datapages can read external or system parameters that are set but I could not find a way or workaround to set extra parameters to the request that goes out when an image is clicked. Suppose I have 3 images on my site that call the same caspio datapage when clicked. How do I set parameters based on which image is clicked and read them as external or bridge parameters (or anything I can access) to do processing differently
  18. Hello, I have a text field in a table (64000 characters) that is used for creating a 'footer' address, contact info section to show on certain printouts. The datapage to input the data is a single form update and the field is set to use the html editor/advanced. The datafield in question is part of the authentication. The problem is that in the datapage footer upon viewing it keeps showing all the html formatting markup. I'm using [@authfield:Company_Print_Footer!] with the '!' at the end of it like all my other html datafields (which work fine in displaying). I can't figure o
  19. Hi, Having an issue with the HTML "select datasource" drop down. The data page will default for a while but then switch to Common_LU_States as the datasource which is incorrect. I had multiple tables created which I've since deleted. The deletion was done in an attempt to have the datasource required "Reg_Auth" default in the drop down on the data page setting screen as it's completely grayed out so I can't select it. I used the Caspio "how to video" to set-up my authentication, table, and registration form with no issues. However, the HTML data page type will not allow the table selecti
  20. I have created a page submission form with Estimated Value & Estimated Value 2 which displays like this on the details page: Estimated Value: $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. However to get both numbers to display in the table without being next to each other and making the table huge I have created an HTML block like this: [@Estimated Value] [@EstimatedValue2] The problem with tha
  21. Hi all, Is it possible to process HTML in an Calculated Field. In the code below, I would like to change the text in an image. CASE WHEN [@field:PAARD_KOPPELINGEN_soort_koppeling]= 1 THEN 'Ruiter/Verzorger koppeling: [@field:GEBRUIKERS_volledige_naam]' ELSE 'Stal medewerker koppeling: [@field:STAL_GEGEVENS_stalnaam]' END Regards Peter
  22. Hi, My goal is to conditionally hide text/ links etc. based on whether the user is logged in or not. TO be more specific, i want the login text to change into a "Hi user..... Logout" link whenever he has logged in. In my datapage i have enabled parameters and writting the following code in an HTML block <br /> <script> var type_user='[@field:Resume]'; </script> where Resume is a Yes/no field in the same dataset, it is a Yes for all users. On my website, i have an HTML code which goes like <script> if (type_user=='Yes') { document.getElementById("
  23. Hello there, I have two iFrames inside an HTML Page; one is a Submission Form, the other is a Report shown as Tabular. The iFrame with the Tabular Report receives parameters once you press "Submit" on the iFrame containing the Submission Form. It works, but I have to refresh the HTML Page in order for the changes to show in the Tabular Report. What I want is the iFrame containing the Tabular Report (or the entire HTML Page, either way is good) to refresh once i press "Submit" on the iFrame containing the Submission Form, so that the changes will show automatically after i send the para
  24. How do I achieve the following: Page footer HTML should ideally be at bottom end of physical screen even if amount of data on the page does not fill the screen consistent width of various objects / divs and also change them based on multiple screen sizes or device types get information on ideal image resolution for logo and footer branding that is consistent with Caspio UI Any method to do the equivalent of “include†in HTML blocks to enable maintainability of HTML code
  25. I am fairly new to this, so forgive me if this is a simple matter. I would like to know if there is a way to use an authentication to change the page of the Wix website it is hosted on. My application is fairly complex (at least for me) and I would like the authentication that occurs at the beginning of the app flow to advance the page on the website to the authentication-protected material. The issue is - with multpile pages on the website and different Caspio datapages on each webpage, how do I provide a user with website navigation but keep the user from having access to the navi
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