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Found 7 results

  1. I am currently using the test online store app but have come across an issue when trying to import the products file into the ECM_Item table. In my import file I am leaving both the ID and Rand_ID columns blank as these are autonumber and RandomID respectively. However, the step before import shows both these columns as Text (255) and when I import I get an error message stating that the Field_ID is blank. It then created a new category table but with list form your demo store. Any ideas? Many thanks
  2. Hi, I'm trying to import an excel spreadsheet but it says that some dates are not compatible but upon checking the file all of the records are on the same format. Their format is dd/mm/yyyy. Do you know why I encounter this issue?
  3. Can I import data in RAR format?
  4. I'm trying to import a simple one row of test data and one row of column names. It gives me an unknown format message. I've tried using .xls, xlsx, even csv. Nothing works. I've read the forum messages and there is no clear cut solution. What's the secret?
  5. I don't know why but Caspio is not letting me upload .jpeg or .png files, individually or even when they're zipped in the 'Files' folder. Any idea why this could be happening? THanks,
  6. I'm trying to create an FTP scheduled task with an FTP URL. It is similar to this: ftp://xxxxxxx:pppppppp@idx.living.net/idx_fl_ftp_down/idx_naples_dn/naples_data.zip I do not have directory rights, I can only retrieve the file. How do I use the task scheduler for this type of connection?
  7. I am new to Caspio and attempting to create my first application. I was attempting to import my data and ran into a problem with a table skipping records with the following message: The table contains unique fields with duplicate or blank values. These values were not imported The statement is an impossibility because my source data has a defined primary key. My source table is located in a SQL database and I exported it to a flat file for import into Caspio. The structure of the source table is shown below: CREATE TABLE FacilityAddresses ( FacilityAddressID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER ROWGUIDCOL NOT NULL CONSTRAINT DF_FacilityAddresses_FacilityAddressID DEFAULT (NEWID()), FacilityID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL, AddressID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL, Priority INT NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_FacilityAddresses PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (FacilityAddressID ASC) ON PRIMARY FacilityAddressID is a Primary Key and is not duplicated FacilityID is a foreign key to the Facilities table AddressID is a foreign key to the Addresses table There are duplicate FacilityIDs in the table. This is necessary as a facility may have more than one address. There are also duplicate AddressIDs in the table. This too is necessary as some facilities share an address. I don't know how the import tool is determining that there are duplicate values, There are three GUIDs in the table, but the combination of all three is unique. It must be seeing that there are duplicates in the columns individually, but if this is the case how can one ever create a table with foreign keys? Any help would be appreciated.
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