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Found 4 results

  1. My app has users in the USA who need the date format output displayed as mm/dd/yyyy (short & long date). But users in Australia, UK, etc need date format output to be dd/mm/yyyy (short & long date). Problem is there's only 1 option in a Localization for date format: either has to be mm/dd/yyyy OR dd/mm/yyyy and it cannot differentiate the user's location and switch them based on that. I'm thinking that the Localization only provides the format on output and that it might be possible to overwrite or change that format using JS on the datapage itself, to switch the format if the Authorization field for the country is not the USA. The basic logic would be something like this (I know it's not fully functional script, am just trying to show the thought process): <script> var v_country = parseFloat(document.getElementById("EditRecordAuthfieldMyCountryNameā€¯).value); if (v_country == "United States"){ [@field:Date_Start].format("mmm dd yyyy"); } else if (v_country == "Australia"){ [@field:Date_Start].format("dd mmm yyyy"); } </script> One thing- I'm not quite sure how to reference an Authorization field in the GetElementbyID part. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this and if so exactly how the code would look. Many thanks for any help-
  2. Hello, In localization, I could not find anything to change the text for file field. For an example, how to change the text for "Choose File" and "No File Chosen"?
  3. Hello, I'm tying to improve my app's error messages using Localizations. I see on some error messages there are variables or parameters that provide the user with some very valuable information. Value cannot be shorter than %s characters. Value cannot be larger than %n characters. Are you sure you want to delete %n records. %p authorization failed. Cannot redirect to %p etc. Does anybody know how to use these, or where I can find a list of the variables we can use and how to? Thanks and ThinkEZ
  4. Hey Caspio Forum ! I am a freshman here. What I want to do is to be able to change 0,00 in my Report DP. Say if any record has this value, automatically change it to blank field, or to '--'. Any help will be appreciable! Thanks guys
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