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  1. Hi, I have a problem with the login. In my web pages several pages works with the same authentications, almos all of them are reports or update forms and everything works well, but with the submit form doesn't take the login session when i login on another page or the login page, i need to login again on the submit form. why is this happening?
  2. Is there a way to set a specific style for the login/authentication screen? Andrew
  3. Hi there, If you need to prevent some actions in your application made not by real people, this post is for you. I am going to explain how easuly add Google reCAPTCHA v2 to any DataPage. All you need is to have a Google account. First, you need to create a key http://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin This is very simple, you just need to type any label yuo wish, choose reCAPTCHA v2 and preferable validation method. I am going to use "I'm not a robot". It is important to add domain of all the websites where you are going to use the DataPage. In case you are going to use only URL deployment option, the domain of your account, like 'AccountName.caspio.com' will be enough. Where 'AccountName' is a name of your Caspio account that you can find following 'Help->About Caspio'. After creating a key you will see your site key that you will need to use later. Second step is to add 2 snippets of code: 1) That part should be added to the Head tag on your own website or to the Header of the Configure Fields screen when you edit your DataPage: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener("BeforeFormSubmit", function (event) { if(grecaptcha.getResponse().length == 0){ event.preventDefault(); alert('Please pass reCaptcha to verify you are not a robot') } }); </script> <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js" async defer></script> Before pasting do not forget to either uncheck the checkbox 'Enable HTML editor' in the Advanced tab or enable 'Source'. 2) Then you need to add HTML block where you wish reCaptcha to apper on your DataPage and add the next code: <div><div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YourSiteKey"></div></div> Where 'YourSiteKey' should be replaced with your site key. The last step is to relax and stay assured that no robots will be able to mess up your data.
  4. I have a doubt, Caspio right now requires of cookies for login/active user if I upgrade my Caspio account to get API it's possible to avoid this and use tokens instead? I pretend that my users in my site can log and stay login without cookies for avoid problems.
  5. How can I force the login form to request new credentials each time the page is pulled up on the screen? Currently what is happening when a user hits the login page it remembers the last login and takes the user to the last page. Our customer reps need to be able to access different pages depending on the customer calling in.
  6. How do I redirect a user to a login page if the user is not logged in? There is already question similar to this one but it doesn't have a clear answer.
  7. I have several login failed attempts and now my Caspio ID is locked for more than 10 minutes. Will I still wait for 10 minutes if I try to reset my password?
  8. I want to make a website that people post their writings and publish it. So, I need that each person has a username and password that he/she uses in order to post anything and other people will be able to view them and know who wrote it. Is that possible? How? Please note that putting the correct password is necessary in order to use the username. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Hello. I am trying to configure a login redirect based on user role per: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/ My Admin user role is indicated by a YesNo checkbox in the User table that the authentication is based on. Here is my javascript from the source code of the footer of a standalone Caspio HTML login page: <script> if("[@authfield:Admin]" == "Yes"){ window.location = "https://[myurl]/a_dashboard.html"; } else { window.location = "https://[myurl]/s_dashboard.html"; } </script> The Authentication I am using has the redirect "Advanced Option" set to "Same Page" for a successful login. If I enter a redirect here I can only enter one URL. When I try to log in with a User having the Admin role (YesNo checkbox checked), I do not get a redirect to the a_dashboard.html. The login.html web page just refreshes but no longer displays the embedded Caspio login form. Everything works if I remove my javascript redirect code and just let the Advanced Options of the authentication specify a particular page to go to, but this doesn't let me redirect by role...
  10. I am using iframes for a navigation bar from the HowTo article posted Here. The pages inside this tabbed navigation share the same authentication. I have login re directions with their own authentications as well. When I am redirected to the page with the iframes, I still need to log in to the other datapages on the tabs. From there, I can either log in again or refresh the entire page myself (or, really, I can just refresh the iframe I am in and that works too). I know iFrames are tricky and I really don't want to mess with them. I would rather have my employees have to endure another 1 1/2 seconds to have it working right. Could someone help me with a script that reloads the page ONCE when the page is fully loaded? I have been able to get it to refresh, but it keeps refreshing. I am working with onclick query string values so I am not too sure if appending the URL once loaded would work either.
  11. I have 3 identical database, one for each company. For each database, I have created authentications. question; How can I create a login form that connects the user to the "correct" app? (now I have one login form for each database) Is it possible to have ONE set of web pages that can be used against different, but identical, apps? hope this was understandable:-)
  12. Has Caspio account login process changed? When did it happen?
  13. Hi All, I have tried calling authentication API to get token Key but I am always gettinf it as bad request. Can anyone please help me on this , if I am missing something here. Please refer below screen on what all data is passed during calling.I have used postman tool of google. Thanks Baharul Islam
  14. We are looking t develop an app where we would like users to on login be forced to submit to a security question along the lines of: EG: Please submit letter [3] of your secret passcode? Please submit letter [5] of your secret passcode? Idea being that we could use a script to randomize the letter number requested and that the app would do security look up the passcode and only allow login once it had a match. Does anyone have any ideas round this. If anyone has looked at this and has a workable alternative please share. Thanks George
  15. Was usuing the how to Hide Multiple logins method successfully for some time https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/hiding-multiple-login-forms/ All of a sudden it doesnt work and I cant find the issue: https://www.ucemcme.com/faculty/ Authentication has i the header <div name="cb-auth-box"> and </div> in the footer as it always has. Each report embed on this page is embedded via CB on Squarespace page and under each of the embeded script code for the DP I have the correct hide script: <script> if(document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box")) { var v_box = document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box").length ; for (i=1; i < v_box; i++) { document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box")[i].style.display = "none" ; } } </script> Obviously something has changed, but I cant find it. Reasonable fee for the answer ;^)
  16. Hi I am designing an app with a login data page. When designing the web page where I am deploying the login HTML Data Page the HTML box is showing either the redirected web page or the login in page superimposed over where I am expecting to see the login boxes. (See attached scree shot which will explain it better) The issue I have is that the container for this HTML box is wider that the app I am designing so its changing the layout of my web page. How can I restrain the size of this box to only the size of the login fields and not the referenced web page. I am using Adobe Muse to design the web page and deployed the data pages. Regards Steve
  17. My site has public and private pages. The public pages contains long lists of items. When a user selects an item they are taken to a private details page for that item; however they must be logged in. Currently, if the user is not logged in then they are taken to the login page and upon login they are redirected to the index page. However, I would like the user to be redirected to the private details page that initiated the login. I.e. I don’t want the user to have to find the item again once they are logged … they should just be taken to that details page upon successful login. Description is a little confusing but hopefully someone understands! Thx
  18. The login data page is being blocked from being used as soon as the page renders. I checked the console and the embed code seems to be causing a problem. This is the message in the console. A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script, https://c4fot477.caspio.com/dp.asp?cbqe=QXBwS2V5PWM1NDQ1MDAwZGU1ZjUxY2RiMDJ…nI9YzU0NDUwMDBkZTVmNTFjZGIwMmU0MzNlODJiOQ==&cbEmbedTimeStamp=1487653960962, is invoked via document.write. This may be blocked by the browser if the device has poor network connectivity. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5718547946799104 for more details. f_cbload @ embed.js:1 (anonymous) @ ?cbr=c544500…:56 The chrome status link talks about 2g connections. I'm on a desktop. Does anyone have a clue on what could cause this issue?
  19. I need to restrict my login to 1 IP address. I have it collecting the ip address when the user registers, however i dont see any way to an additional field to my authentication. Is there Some sort on work around for this? Basically i am trying to prevent people from sharing there login credentials with another person.
  20. Hello, there is probably an answer somewhere here to this question. So bear with me as this is my first post here. Q: How can i match / validate a password against one stored in a so called passwordField? (REST API) I have read in the documentation about passwordFields but have found nothing on how to "use" this type of fields in the right way. My purpose is to validate given credentials with data in Caspio DB for login on the platform using the REST API. Thanks in advance, kind regards Mikael
  21. Hi there i would like to know if its possible for my users to select the datapage they wish to view via a drop down box once they login. At the moment users have to launch different URL's to view different datapages but i would like to make it easier for the users by having just 1 URL and then select the data base they wish to view from there. Thanks
  22. Created a Data Page with Authentication and then added the data page to a website but I'm unable to login. If I enter the correct details it returns to the same login page instead to the next page. I have embedded the code into the website (Weebly website) However If I use the preview method I can login and see the data page. Any ideas?
  23. I have my login page deployed which is working fine. the User ID is a text field that is a 9 digit number, often seen by the user as XX-XXXXXXX. In the input for the login screen, if someone enters the hyphen, I'd like to add script to remove it so it happens in the background. This is what I added so far that is not working: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function nophyphen() { var a = document.getElementById("xip_EIN").value; a = a.replace(/-/g, ""); } document.getElementById("caspioform").onchange=nohyphen; </script>
  24. I noticed a topic from 2013 with this question but there didn't seem to be a consensus. My site is on Wordpress and we are currently using a Wordpress login. This is great because it has the ability to allow certain tabs to show up based on the login credentials, however...it requires a completely different login for Caspio. We need our users to be able to favorite things, ask for updates on things, and to be able to track their movements within Caspio so we need them to login to Caspio. I'm not very experienced with coding, aside from a lot of copy pasting JavaScript and making minor HTML tweaks, so is there a way for me to login to Wordpress and use those credentials to automatically login to Caspio as well? The simpler the language the better, thank you so much for taking a look!
  25. I need a way to add a remember me check box that will allow my users browser to remember there authentication. i know there are several ways to do this. however i'm not able to get the caspio authentication to receive this information. i believe the easiest way to do this would be with cookies however i'm at a loss and i need to get it done. Could anyone please advise me on the most effective way to do this along with the script and how to implement it. thank you.
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