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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Just noticed in Caspio 35.0 release that this is being depreciated does anyone know if an alternative will be made available as it is something I intended toi utilise or would anyone know of an alternative method of intergrating with Caspio? Cheers, Roosta
  2. Trying to get markers to display on map. Map displays but no markers appear? Any suggestions??
  3. I have setup google map mashup on this link: https://nyhopshop.com/growers_map, everything seems to work except for when I click on an icon in the map a different icon highlights and shows that info., any idea on how to fix it. Also, how do I mark the website filed so it's a URL LInk in the HTML block. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I tried deploying a map mashup page on my wordpress site, however the pointers are not automatically loading (need to push "View On Map". Any hints on getting this to load automatically? All other functions seem to work fine. Here is page content: <script type="text/javascript" src="//static.caspio.com/mashup/script/caspio_mashups_v7.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var mapSettings = { 'mapType': 'G', 'mapView': 'R', 'mapWidth': '800', 'mapHeight': '600', 'mapCssStyle': '', 'useAutoZoom': 'N', 'zoomLevelResult': '12', 'zoomLevelDetails': '11', 'zoomLevelMapIt': '16', 'bubbleOpenType': '1', 'disableScrollWheel': 'N', 'showTrafficLayer': 'N', 'plotMarkers': 'Y', 'homePosition': '', 'apiKey': 'AIzaSyBqfh2i7yZcbWaf0TSCCJ9BubQm6ufrl48' }; var dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f = new mapDataPageSettings('7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f'); dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.DefaultIcon = '//static.caspio.com/mashup/icons/flat/icon6.png'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.DefaultIconWidth = '20'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.DefaultIconHeight = '34'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.MapItEnabled = 'Y'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.MapItLabel = 'View on map'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.FilterNeed = 'N'; dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f.FilterRowSize = '5'; mapEnvironment.AddDataPageMapSettings(dpSettings_7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f); </script> [caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="https://c2arw401.caspio.com" appkey="7dd850009504c2f4eff343fbb70f" async="true"] <div id="map"></div>
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