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Found 6 results

  1. How to perform multiple consequential functions using Formula DataType? I want to replace multiple characters from a TextField (TITLE) using Formula DataType functions. Let’s Say TITLE = DESK!TO$P AND desired outcome = DESKTOP Replace([@field:TITLE], '!', '') AND Replace([@field:TITLE], '$', '') INVALID THE "CASE, WHEN THEN" STATEMENT PERFORM THE FIRST TRUE STATEMENT ONLY
  2. Not sure how to best handle this. I have a couple of issues. First is my top row (Date) is always used. Sometimes I need up to 20 copies of the second row (Customer) to submit a batch of entries at once. What's the best way to spawn additional Customer rows on the fly? Second - Say I'm able to spawn 3 of the customer rows (all the same). But upon submitting I'd like to have each row submitted as a new record in the table using the Date row as if each record was submitted separately. Not sure if I'm making sense so let me know. I've attached my datapage and my table screenshots. Thanks!
  3. I am attempting to use a simply JavaScript to create an extended cost on a submission form. I have a few lines of this. When I add the JavaScript, only the last script works. Almost like it is canceling out the prior. I do not know how to make them both work or how to combine them into one larger script. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My lines of code are inserted below. They work individually but not both at once on the same submission form. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculateextcost1() { var v_item1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMUNITS1").value); if (isNaN(v_item1)) v_item1 = 0; var v_cost1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMCOST1").value); if (isNaN(v_cost1)) v_cost1 = 0; var v_extcost1 = (v_item1 * v_cost1); document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMEXTCOST1").value = (v_extcost1); } /* On submitting the webform, the function calculate is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onchange = calculateextcost1; </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculateextcost2() { var v_item2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMUNITS2").value); if (isNaN(v_item2)) v_item2 = 0; var v_cost2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMCOST2").value); if (isNaN(v_cost2)) v_cost2 = 0; var v_extcost2 = (v_item2 * v_cost2); document.getElementById("InsertRecordITEMEXTCOST2").value = (v_extcost2); } /* On submitting the webform, the function calculate is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onchange = calculateextcost2; </SCRIPT>
  4. I am trying to determine the best way to handle multiple roles per user in one database. Example: Multiple applications use the same "users" table for authentication. One user may be a manager with elevated rights in a request database, but may be a requestor in say, another application to submit an expense report. Is it better to have the "users" table and the "roles" table joined as one to many to a third table, or to have a "roles" table per application? Thanks.
  5. I have a separate search datapage and report datapage, the search has three listboxes which a user can choose an option from (only the first listbox is required the other two are optional). I have embedded the datapages on the same web page and each time I choose either one or all of the three listbox options the resulting records are repeated three times in the report. Can anyone advise on why this might be happening? I have tried having just one filter on the report datapage but the records are still shown three times.
  6. Hello, I am trying to edit the Java Script in the footer of a Submission Form to allow me to Concatenate Two separate Date/Time Fields. The first is a "Trip Start Date and Time" and the Second is a "Trip End Date and Time" as shown in the following attachment: The issue I'm having is that I can make one operate correctly when alone in the footer but not when I add the second. It was suggested to me that the issue may lie in the "getElementById" function and having it "defined twice" and that one may be overwriting the other. Attached are two snips of the code I have in the footer: , I need to accomplish this in a Gallery Report Data Page as well. Any thoughts? Thank you, Tyler
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