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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I've got a pivot table with countries down the left and years across the top. The values are tonnes. I'd like the table to appear with the values sorted, so that largest values start from the top. The sorting always needs to apply to whatever year is in the right-most column. So if for example years happened to go from 2000 - 2019 (left to right), I'd like values to be sorted in the 2019 column. I'm suspecting the solution is in a 'Calc Field1' but I don't know the sql to sort the table Many thanks
  2. I am working on a Pivot Table for a requested report. I wish to sort the table by the values in the pivot table (specifically a sum of an amount field), which I can do by clicking on the column heading no problem. However, since this will be a frequently used report, I want to have the datapage default to sorting by this value. I cannot figure out how, and saw some similar threads but not with conclusions. Any thoughts?
  3. I want to change the layout of my pivot table. Right now it looks like the column headers are aligned to the left while the data fields are aligned to the right, which looks bad. how can I change this?
  4. Is it possible to dynamically change the styling of a column or header of a column in a pivot table. I looked at this article but I don't see an opportunity to insert HTML Blocks or Calculation Fields in Pivot Tables. https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-dynamically-change-the-background-of-a-results-page/ In this screenshot, I want to pass in an external parameter called "Visit_Number". So if Visit_Number=4 then I want the column or at least the header of the column highlighted. Is this possible?
  5. Hello all, I have been putting together a simple pivot table view to display outcomes and percentages of an audit process that we perform which looks something like below; I would like to conditionally format the "% Correct" columns so that they are Green if = 100% or Red if < 100% I have found this a bit difficult as there do not appear to be any Element ID's associated with the cells, I got the result below by using Class Name and column No; Using this code deployed in the footer; <script> function f_color(){ if('[@calcfield:11]' == '100 %') { document.getElementsByClassName('cbResultSetData cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate cbResultSetCalculatedField') [3].style.backgroundColor="green"; document.getElementsByClassName('cbResultSetData cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate cbResultSetCalculatedField') [3].style.color="white"; }else{document.getElementsByClassName('cbResultSetData cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate cbResultSetCalculatedField') [3].style.backgroundColor="red"; document.getElementsByClassName('cbResultSetData cbResultSetTableCellNumberDate cbResultSetCalculatedField') [3].style.color="white"; } } f_color(); </script> However it doesn't switch to green when the field is = 100% (see below I assume this is because the calculated field I am referencing is either the incorrect syntax or can't be used in this way ) and as you can see doesn't apply to all cells in the respective column; Any suggestions or guidance would be gratefully received as I am probably going in completely the wrong direction and I have searched the forums and can find a number of suggestions/solutions for Tabular reports but nothing for Pivot Table reports. Kind regards, Roosta
  6. I have a simple pivot table with 'Years' field across the top and a 'Regions' field and a 'Countries' field down the side. The regions field is collapsible, so the User has the choice whether or not to show the countries inside each region. So far so good. Problem is that In the regions column I want to be able to show selected regions with the collapsible option, but I also want to show (in the same column) other selected regions which do NOT have the collapsible option and therefore just show the aggregate total of their countries. I know this is not a regular option, so I'd be willing to use javascript. Can anyone give guidance on the code to use to access selected fields and records in a pivot table, and also how to apply/remove the 'collapsible' feature at runtime. Many thanks
  7. Good morning , I have a Pivot Table Report . I'm looking for a solution to replace the "13". For the count of all records with kostentest_cat = 1 (that are 13 records). can someone help. CASE WHEN [@field:kostentest_cat] = 1 THEN [@field:kostentest_hoeveelheid]-([@voorraad_ruw]/13) ELSE [@field:kostentest_hoeveelheid] END regards Peter .
  8. Does anyone know any code for collapsing or expanding sections in a Pivot Table and a Tabular table? For example lets say that column 1 is 'Regions' and Column 2 is 'Countries'. The pivot table table is set up to show all regions and all countries expanded. I'd like to set up a button outside the results table to be able to collapse all countries, all in one go, to just show region totals, without having to go through each region individually. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone Does anyone know a way of formatting individual columns in a pivot table? There's no opportunity to add an HTML block as far as I can see. What I want to do is have the first data column in bold and left justified, while all other columns right justified. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know how to freeze the headers and columns on a pivot table, or whether it's even possible?
  11. Hello all, I tried to create a report with Pivot Table, I used a view table as my source of data. All were great, columns, rows, summations, formatting, and formulas. Then when I go preview the report, it tells me this "Pivot table cannot have more than 200 columns". I don't have 200 columns, actually I only have 4 columns. Can anyone please help me figure out what I was doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. Elena
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