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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am going to try to make sense and comprehensible in explaining. Essentially, I am trying to pick the maximum value (per record ID) out of the entire data table with multiple columns, and put this value in each corresponding row for each ID. For some reason, "SELECT ID, and GROUP BY ID" doesn't seem to be working in Caspio. My information is below: The problem with this code is that, it is finding the max alright, but it is putting the same value into each record. How can I correct this so that each record ID will have the right maximum value? For example: ID 123 = $97,900, ID 456 = $83,820 ID 789 = $59,730 Table name: market_data ID 123 456 789 PayscaleAverage $89,000 $76,200 $54,300 ERI_Median $97,900 $83,820 $55,321 Miliman_Avg $91,670.00 $78,486.00 $59,730.0 Here is the SQL Query: I am using UNPIVOT function. SELECT MAX(highestdata) AS maxnumber FROM market_data UNPIVOT (highestdata FOR Val IN (PayscaleAverage, ERI_Median, Miliman_Avg )) AS Number WHERE ID = [@field:ID_Lookup] I appreciate any help. Thank you in advance. P.S. Please, if you could, please do not recommend conditionals, such as, "WHEN Col1 < Col2 then..." because this table has over 200 columns.
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