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Found 3 results

  1. Section 2 does not appear on the drop down list of fields that can interact with rules in my submission form. I am aware that same field or section already used in another action will not be available. However, in this case the section does not appear even though it is not used anywhere yet. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Hi everybody, I'm new to Caspio and I have my first issue with a trigger, not working as expected. Would appreciate your help here. I have simplified things as much as possible - 2 tables Trips and Legs, one-to-many relationship TripID to LegID. The idea is that a trigger action sums the leg's mileage to the trip's total mileage. Below are both tables' design and data, as well as the triggered action. The issue is that action sums only the existing leg mileage values, but not the newly inserted/updated ones. We have a total trip mileage of 95, instead of 100. Thank you
  3. Dear Community, I have an issue with the Trigger Actions feature: I have one Text field, that I want to populate with the result of a query. On image_1, you can see that I'm trying to say: invoice_leader_number = "result of a query" (Just to let you know, the "invoice_leader_number" is a TEXT). Now you can see that this does not work because "2116: Only one value is expected" (cf. image_2). I've tried a work around by trying to use other functions to kind of transform the result of my query into a "one value" result, but none of the functions worked and they all expect only one value. I suppose that Caspio can't be fooled so easily So my question is: Is it possible to grab the result of a query (which is in my case just a list of Strings), concatenate them into a single string (separated with commas) and pass the concatenated result to a field? If not, what other solution does Caspio provide? Many thanks
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