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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to calculate age as years and months and display the result in a field in tabular report. I can already display just the age in years, or just the age in months in fields, but I don't want to see 438 months as a persons age as an example. I want to display both together as years,months. How can I do this? Thanks
  2. I have a use case where I only have the users birthday and I would like to get their age as one of my Fields on my users table. To achieve this, I created a trigger that will compute the age of a user when a new records is inserted or an existing record is updated. Trigger: Output:
  3. Hi there,I had this simulator created https://c3esh258.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=d5ad4000296a67c788fa46879a87 and the field "Idade 1º titular" reads an Excel cell that have number values of age from 18 to 80.How can I make "Data de Nascimento 1º titular" do the same thing - reading the age value from that Excel cell - but instead of inputing the age itself, doing so by inputing the date of birth?I would really appreciate any help.Regards,Rui Farinha
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