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Found 3 results

  1. I have a lot of tables with the company field. Nowwhat I am looking for is an authorization mechanism allowing users to see only some companies. But I have two issues: 1) If I look into row level restricions I have this scenario: Some users should see onlt companies A, B, C; others shoudl see B, C, D; others hace to see A, D, E, F and others all companies. I read this Restrict Access to Data by User or Role but it seems very poor because it do not seems roles restriction, rather a data partitioning where each partition is allowed to some users. This bring up to a some limitations in others scenarious and a huge amount of data handling when users changes roles. 2) If I look into user roles restriction I do not understand how assign mor than one role to a users. In the artivle I mentioned before I seems to me that roles are implemented with DIFFERENT LOGIN SCREEN. I think tihi is a misunderstanding of mine, because this is not roles handling. This is multiple access. Let me make an example: You go into a PUB where room A and room B are reserved for two different parties and the remaining place is for everyone. Very likely you will enter in ONE pub entry and then you'll find a PUB clerk that after asking your name, check if it is on a party list and address you in the proper room or in the public ones. This organization DO NOT CHANGE even if there are more parties or none, the only thing changing is the clerk list (role assignment list). INSTEAD I have understodd that in CASPIO the PUB should open and briklayer doors according parties it hosts! It seems very strange to me develop a new loging page for each roles and instruct users to change login page for each role they have..... I miss something? How can handle overlapping roles and more inportant how can handle user's roles changes without changing data into all tables?
  2. How can I force the login form to request new credentials each time the page is pulled up on the screen? Currently what is happening when a user hits the login page it remembers the last login and takes the user to the last page. Our customer reps need to be able to access different pages depending on the customer calling in.
  3. Hello Caspio Community! Let me explaining my scenario firstly please. Currently I'm stuck on how to authenticate REST API calls in a secure manner. I have a new app stood up and ready to launch (this app is/well always be locked behind Caspio Login) . However, before I launch this app I was wondering if I could use "document.cookie()" user token to make API calls instead of the bearer token that I have been using for development. If I could use a user token instead of an API key I would feel much more secure. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! I look forward to reading your replies!
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