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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a way that I can create an automated notification of Usage Stats, eg Deployed Data Pages per App, MB used etc. Perhaps via the API? Ultimately, I would like to send an email to our Finance team with these stats each month.
  2. Hi there, I have records called Cards, which span 5 different stages. If the first part of the Card is completed, the user is in stage 1. If the first and second part is completed, they are in stage 2 etc etc. I'd like to automate this (currently they can choose their own stage via a dropdown), and have written the following script, but it's not working. <script> var count_Brief= ("[@field:Brief]").length; var count_AnalystNotes = ("[@field:Analyst_Notes]").length; var count_RecTest = ("[@field:Recommended_test]").length; var count_Result= ("[@field:Actual_result]").length; if (count_Brief > 1) { document.getElementById("EditRecordStage").innerHTML = "2. Brief"; } else if (count_Brief > 1 && count_AnalystNotes > 1) { document.getElementById("EditRecordStage").value = "3. Analysis"; } else if (count_Brief > 1 && count_AnalystNotes > 1 && count_RecTest > 1) { document.getElementById("EditRecordStage").value = "4. Test"; } else if (count_Brief > 1 && count_AnalystNotes > 1 && count_RecTest > 1 && count_Result > 1) { document.getElementById("EditRecordStage").value = "5. Result"; } else { document.getElementById("EditRecordStage").value = "1. Question"; } </script> Does anyone have any insight here? Many thanks Nikki
  3. I have a search form and a results page in the same webpage. The search form only has one field, which is a dynamic dropdown list. When I select a value from the dropdown list and click search the search is performed correctly and the results page changes accordingly. What I'd like to do is get rid of the search button, add a dropdown arrow on the righthand side of the search dropdown field and when I make a selection the seach to be carried out automatically. Any ideas how I might achive this would be greatly appriciated. Cheers Monoux
  4. LWSChad


    Hello all! I have a brain twister here .... there's gotta be a way. CCarls3 got very close with Email Trigger of Multiple Records, but rather than simply sending email notifications, how can we automatically create multiple records based on the results of a query (or displayed on a DataPage)? I hope to automate the scheduling of Tasks. Please consider the following scenario: ScheduledTask - ScheduledTaskID - Scheduled Activity - Due Date Workflow (Parent table that describes an automated workflow) - WorkflowID - WorkflowName WorkflowStep (Child) - WorkflowStepID - WorkflowID - Scheduled Activity - Days from Today (easily converts into DueDate) [Workflow -< WorkflowStep / One - to < Many] Worklows are groups of WorkflowSteps WorkflowSteps create ScheduledTasks Any puzzle solvers have a good idea how to accomplish this? (without sending emails to Zapier's parser) Thanks!!
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