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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know how to use Amazon AWS S3 for files (pdf in this case) that are not public but that can be accessed by an authenticated Caspio datapage? I'm using Google Docs Viewer to display uploaded pdf files but it only works if the directory that the pdf file is in is Filestor enabled. The pdf files are proprietary to my users and cannot be public so I cannot use Filestor. I tested out an Amazon AWS solution (putting the pdf file in an S3 Bucket) and storing the S3 file url in a Caspio table, then using that file url with Google Docs Viewer to display the pdf. This does work but of course the S3 file has to be set to 'public' in order to display, which of course is the same issue as with a non-Filestor Caspio file folder. I was hoping to somehow set the AWS S3 bucket to have permissions (and a password) that I could reference in the datapage script that opens the pdf viewer. This way the pdf file wouldn't be public but would still be accessible from a Caspio datapage (the datapage would be authenticated so only the owner of the file would have access to it). It'd be so much easier if Caspio had a pdf viewer (pdf viewed in the browser or a datapate) instead of just downloading to the local computer. But an AWS solution might also work, I just don't know how to get/set permissions to use my specific AWS S3 buckets. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. Is there a way via js or something else, in a Submission form, to Upload an image file using a url (like to a public image in a AWS S3 folder) instead of the user having to Browse to an image file on the local computer? This would be really helpful in pulling images off the web without the user having to download them first, then Browse to them, then Upload. I have a virtual field that would have the image's url in it, I just need to somehow transfer that url to the image field and pull the image to upload on Submission.
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