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Found 2 results

  1. It is possible to set checkmark condition using Calculated Value. The field should be set as Calculated Value The basic formula to set the condition is: CASE WHEN [@field:IntegerValue]=100 THEN 'X' ELSE 'Y' END For Yes/No field, the boolean value us 1/0. However, to make it work properly, the field should receive BIT value. So, CAST function should be applied: CASE WHEN [@field:IntegerValue]=100 THEN CAST(1 as bit) ELSE CAST(0 as bit) END
  2. This script assumes that you have set your YES/NO field to custom formatting, and to display the text "NO" for NO values and YES for YES values. If you have more than one YES/NO field, then you have to have unique text values to display unique images, such as field1: yes=YES1 no=NO1 field2: yes=YES2 no=NO2 and you would adapt the script with additional "else if" conditionals. In your footer, add <script> var elems = document.querySelectorAll("td span"); for (var i=0, m=elems.length; i<m; i++) { if (elems[i].innerHTML=="NO") { elems[i].innerHTML = "<img src=\"FULL_NO_IMAGE_PATH\">"; } else if (elems[i].innerHTML=="YES"){ elems[i].innerHTML = "<img src=\"FULL_YES_IMAGE_PATH\">"; } } </script> an example img tag would be: elems[i].innerHTML = "<img src=\"http://example.com/image.jpg\">"; Could be used for small images like check marks for yes, a red x for no, stuff like that.
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