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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Just want to share this bit of JavaScript and CSS that creates a fixed "scroll to top" button on the corner of your DataPage and shows up only when the user starts to scroll the page. (I implemented this on my Tabular Report DataPage that has many records per page) Header (CSS): <style> #myBtn { display: none; /* Hidden by default */ position: fixed; /* Fixed/sticky position */ bottom: 20px; /* Place the button at the bottom of the page */ right: 30px; /* Place the button 30px from the right */ z-index: 99; /* Make sure it does not overlap */ border: none; /* Remove borders */ outline: none; /* Remove outline */ background-color: red; /* Set a background color */ color: white; /* Text color */ cursor: pointer; /* Add a mouse pointer on hover */ padding: 15px; /* Some padding */ border-radius: 10px; /* Rounded corners */ font-size: 18px; /* Increase font size */ } #myBtn:hover { background-color: #555; /* Add a dark-grey background on hover */ } </style> Footer (the actual button and the JavaScript): <button onclick="topFunction()" id="myBtn" title="Go to top">Top</button> <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { mybutton = document.getElementById("myBtn"); window.onscroll = function() {scrollFunction()}; function scrollFunction() { if (window.scrollY==0) { mybutton.style.display = "none"; } else { mybutton.style.display = "block"; } } }) function topFunction() { window.scrollTo({top: 0, behavior: 'smooth'}); } </script>
  2. Hi! There is a Tabular report with a comment field (Text64000). I want to add a "Copy Text" button, that on click will copy text from the comment field to the Clipboard, so a customer can copy the text without highlighting and copying. Just one click action to copy. I have found some solution, but it does not look like working in the reports: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_copy_clipboard.asp Has anybody done it before or maybe you have some working solution? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, So I have an HTML DataPage wherein I embedded multiple Report DataPages as iFrames. Would it be possible for me to have a button in the HTML DataPage that activates all the Download Data link for each of the Report DataPages so that all of them are 'clicked' all at once then generates the documents all at once? This way I wouldnt have to download them individually.
  4. I need to create a number pad using buttons which will add a digit to the text on a virtual field. Is this possible using JavaScript?
  5. Hi everyone, I need to hide a standard button on my submission form and insert "Submit" button inline with the last field. How can I do that? Thanks!
  6. Hi, can anyone help me? I have been using the code below without issue on an Caspio HTML data page, but am having issues when I add it to an HTML block in a report. <button class="block" onclick="document.location='https://--myURL--? UniqueProjectID=[@UniqueProjectID]">MY URL</button> When I add the button to a report, the report seems to automatically activate the update_event (even without this button, or the update button being pressed). If I change the button's to hyperlinks, that I block up to look like a button, this seems to get round the issue, but really I would like to still use buttons. Changing responsive or AJAX doesn't solve the issue, and if the change the configure settings to stay on the same page after update, the page just blinks every second on a continuous refresh
  7. I tried to hide my Search button with this code in the Header of my DataPage: <style> .cbSearchButton{ display:none !important; } .cbSearchButtonContainer{ display:none !important; } </style> And it works except when I deploy the embedded script in WordPress, the search button reappears.
  8. On a search result page, I want to show a button to open up a submission form, when there are no records found for the selection criteria and I want to align that button to the right of the form. The tabular results are shown under the search boxes. I have attached two pictures that show the current and desired situation for either Records Found and No Records Found
  9. I want to hide everything below the "Download Data" button in my tabular report DataPage. Tried adding Header & Footer with: <div style="display:none"> </div> But it also removed the “Download Data” button. Any ideas?
  10. I have a datapage that is a submission form. There is a calculated field called "balance". I am trying to come up with a solution that will hide the "submit" button when the value in the "balance" field is a negative number. My goal is to keep a user from submitting the form if the balance is below zero. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi there, Just wondering if you can help. 1. I want to move the search again button to the right 2. I want to add another button at the bottom of the page. Please see below. here is the url in Caspio https://c1eib201.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=056240008725ff17a2de486c89a1 Can you please tell me how I can do it. Cheers Troy Pathways.pptx
  12. Hi, I have a Submission form datapage and the submit button isn't working. it's quite specifically styled, so I have added a header and footer to this page in order to contain the style, as it didn't seem to work doing it by the associated style sheet (I need a background image to span the whole table and then separate background images for individual cells). When the header and footer is enabled, the submit button doesn't work. When I delete the header and footer, the submit button does work, but my layout doesn't. I've tried adding the button as a separate element in an html field, and again it doesn't work. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to sort it out? Many thanks Nikki
  13. Is there a way where we can modify the "Update" button? I would like to add a functionality on it wherein it updates the records then close the window afterwards. Is this possible?
  14. I've added a "Reset Search" button in a search page and wonder if it's possible to have the "Reset Search" button be on the same line as the "Search" button. I'm looking for something like figure A in the attached image. I know how to add an additional "Search" button thanks to this thread and I've come up with this code: <div align="center"> <input class="cbSearchButton" id="searchID1" name="searchID" type="submit" value="Search" /> <input class="resetButton" onclick="window.location='[my_URL]'" type="button" value="Reset Search" /> </div> However, though the above looks like what I'd like, I would then need a way to hide the original "Search" button, which I don't believe would be possible.
  15. I have a long search form with a number of optional checkboxes that are necessary when needed, but infrequently used. Is there a way I can place an additional search button at the top of the page so users don't have to scroll to the bottom to perform a search? Thanks!
  16. I am trying to create an increment/decrement button so that the user doesn't have to type in the value manually but rather use the arrow buttons do increase/decrease the input on the fly. How would I do it on Caspio Submission Form?
  17. Hi, I've searched the forum but cannot find it. I'm looking for a button to go to another datapage within my app. I can create a link to another data page, but no button (It hink it goes wrong because it asks for class="cbMenuItem"") The style of the button should be preferably in the style of the Submit button used on datapages.
  18. I used the instructions here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-creating-collapsible-sections/ to create a collapsible section in my details page. Is there a way to change what the button looks like to fit in more with the rest of my styling? I have created an image that I can use as the button (which works fine) except that the mouse doesn't change into the hand when it's hovered over the image and I think my users need that to know that it's a link. Is there a way to tell the image to do the cursor: pointer thing? Thanks for looking!
  19. Good morning, I am making a submission form that will be arranged in one long line. I would really prefer to have the submit button be on the same line as the text fields as there is a large report below it and the more space I have to work with the better. I attempted to add the CSS element Float: right to the button in the layout section of the applied style to no avail. Any and all help is much appreciated.
  20. Hello. I would like to pass multiple parameters from a Detail DataPage to another page upon saving the record. I understand how to pass the parameters and specify a destination after update. The trick for me is I would like to have multiple Save buttons on this Detail page, each with a different destination after update specification. The user would choose which Save button to use based on what DataPage they want to go to next. Is this possible? Thank you.
  21. Hello there, I want to add some additional buttons to the report. The thing is, those buttons are not aligned with the UPDATE button that comes with the report, so I want to recreate that button to be able to align it with the rest and desable (display: none) the one that comes with the form. I was already successful with the submission one: <a href="javascript:window.submit()">SUBMIT</a> <script> function submit() { document.getElementById("caspioform").submit(); } </script> But I still cant find the way to do this for the UPDATE one. Does anyone knows how to do this?
  22. Hi there, In the App I am currently developing I have a "View Inventory" DataPage where my users can see (for a chosen product) what the starting inventory was A, how many units are reserved / shipped B and finally how many units are available C. C is a calculated field where C = A - B On this page I also have an HTML block with a control button that my users can click to create a shipment request, but I want this to be disabled when C = 0 because as it stands right now, there is nothing stopping them from ordering an item that is out of stock. The current code for my button is as follows: '<div style="margin: 10px;"><a href="http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=cde830001d57b1a237854adab459&Stock_ID=[@field:Stock_ID]&Product_Description=[@field:Product_Description]" style="background: rgb(61, 130, 171); padding: 7px 20px; border: 1px solid rgb(221, 221, 221); border-image: none; color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; white-space: nowrap;">Create Shipment Request</a></div>' I read on another post on here that the way to address this was to use Javascript, so following that advice I changed the code for my button the the following: <script type="text/javascript"> var cb_boolean = '[@calcfield:1]'; if (cb_boolean != '0') { document.write("<input type='button' value='Create Shipment Request' Name='mybutton' onclick='myfunction()'> "); } else { document.write("<input type='button' value='Out Of Stock!' Name='mybutton' disabled=true>"); } function myfunction() { window.location.href='http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=cde830001d57b1a237854adab459&Stock_ID=[@field:Stock_ID]&Product_Description=[@field:Product_Description]'; } </script> This worked in terms of disabling my button where C = 0, but then the parameters were no longer being passed to my shipment request DataPage. I suspect this is a syntax error of some sort, but being a newbie to the worlds of both HTML and Javascript I just don't know what I need to change. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
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