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Found 10 results

  1. I have created a filter datapage using multiple virtual fields. But having a stringed cascading dropdown doesn't seem to work. Here is a visualization of my virtual fields with cascading dropdown (in particular order): Virtual Field 1 (dropdown) ----> Virtual Field 2 (cascading dropdown) ----> Virtual Field 3 (cascading dropdown) Each iteration is dependent on the previous virtual fields and the problem arises on Virtual Field 3. The Virtual Field 3 is refreshing when changes in Virtual Field 2 is made but nothing is being populated on the dropdown besides the default display value. I have also made sure that the lookup on both lookup have similar/connecting values.
  2. Hello, I've got a Single Record Update datapage that has a number of cascading dropdowns. I need to check 2 values (one a table's field and the other a virtual field) and if they're not equal then make the cascading drop down values null or blank. I can get this to work for a regular text field but not cascading dropdowns. The code so far is: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var x = document.querySelector('[name*=cbParamVirtual1]').value; var y = document.getElementById("EditRecordProjectID").value; var xclear = ""; if (x !== y){ document.getElementById("EditRecordKeyword").value = xclear; document.getElementsByName("EditRecordArea")[0].value = xclear; } }); </script> The cascading dropdown field is 'Area' and its parent is Virtual1 (Virtual1 gets an external integer parameter). It holds a text value and has a lookup table and a custom option of 'none selected' (blank value). The text field 'Keyword' will update to blank if Virtual1 and ProjectID are not equal, but the 'Area' cascading dropdown won't. Does anyone know how to update the cascading dropdown value to blank/null if ProjectID and Virtual1 are not equal?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to reference a field, in a Details datapage, that is a cascading dropdown (the field is a text field called 'Area'). I need to disable it conditionally using javascript (I've found that when there are a lot of Rules it significantly slows the datapage loading compared to using js, so I need to use js to do this). I've been able to do this no problem with regular text fields and dropdowns but can't get it to read the cascading dropdown. I've been trying to use something like: var v_area = document.getElementsByName("EditRecordArea")[0]; along with the disable code in an if/then clause v_area.disabled=true; Does anyone know how to alter the above to be able to use it in js? Many thanks!
  4. I am trying to create a Cascading Dropdown that has values that are filtered by two Parent Fields rather than just one. I would like this to be an AND query where the values are only shown where the two values are both true. This is my first post to this forum so I am not sure what else to give for detail so please ask for anything that I should have included. Thank you for your help! mc9
  5. Hello, I have some code running in the footer of an Update datapage that on change of one virtual field (Virtual 4: drop down) gets the value of another virtual field (Virtual 7: cascading text, with Virtual 4 as the ParentID) and copies that value of Virtual 7 into a text64000 field. The problem is it keeps getting the 'previous' value of Virtual 7 and not the current one, when Virtual 4 is updated. Meaning the code runs the 'copy' function BEFORE Virtual 7 is updated. I need to get the 'updated' data from Virtual 7 and copy that into the text64000 field. The code I'm using is: $("[name='cbParamVirtual4']").change(function(){ f_copy_print_address('cbParamVirtual7', 'cke_EditRecordShipToAddress'); }); So if there's some way to 'refresh' or 'update' Virtual 7 before the f_copy_print_address code runs that'd be great. Many thanks!
  6. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to have a cascading dropdown menu that is able to filter by multiple parent fields? For example, I am working with records, each with their own "Name", that cover both "Sector" and "State". My goal is to have the record Names cascade by both the selected Sector and State. Currently, after the user selects "Sector", a cascading dropdown menu populates the available States available within that Sector. The available records Names also cascade by "Sector", but not by Sector and State. Thus the auto-populated records Names are shown across all States, not just the State and Sector together. In an ideal world, I would like to filter the Names cascading autocomplete with more than two different parent fields. Any thoughts on how to do this? Best, David
  7. Hi, My current code is: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function update() { var p2 = document.getElementById("cpParamVirtual10").value; document.getElementByName("cpParamVirtual4")[0].value=p2; } document.getElementByID('caspioform').onload=update; <SCRIPT> and I have it deployed in the footer of a submission form however it is not working. Virtual10 is a hidden field that loads with a passed parameter . Virtual4 is a cascading dropdown ( and on exit passed the parameter that virtual10 loads). I want to set the cascading dropdown to the value it was when the form was submitted the last time instead of resetting itself every time. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have a cascading dropdown that works fine, except I would like the default selection to be based on the user authentication data. Can this be done?
  9. I am new to Caspio and getting familiar with cascading dropdown menus powered by a lookup table. I have configured the menu by selecting the "parent field", "filter by", "field for display", and "field for value" options but one of my lookup table fields is not showing under "field for value" options - in particular for the last dropdown menu item. As a result, I am forced to pick a duplicate "field for value" for that menu option, which is not what I want. Has anyone encountered that problem and if so, do you have advice on how to get last lookup table field to show as a "field for value" option? All of my lookup table fields are data type Text (255) except the field that won't show under "field for value", which is a data type Text (64000). Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  10. I have a search form with three level cascading: Type: dropdown (Public, Private, Charter) District:Cascade on Type School: Cascade on District If user select Public next to Cascading is available, otherwise School should be filtered by Type not School. How can I achieve this?
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