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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Im using the following code: <script> document.getElementById('InsertRecordVisit_Type').onchange = function () {{ var currentdate = new Date(); var datetime = (currentdate.getMonth()+1) + "/" + currentdate.getDate() + "/" + currentdate.getFullYear() + " " ; document.getElementById('InsertRecordDate').value = datetime; document.getElementById('InsertRecordAccessory_1').value = "Cord"; }} </script> All is working fine except I cannot get the Accessory_1 value to change - this is a dropdown field that is the parent field for and autocomplete field. what do I need to add to get the parent field to accept the instructions ? Thanks!!!
  2. I have 1 dropdown followed by 4 cascading dropdowns lined up horizontally on a submission page. When the submit button is selected the results come out fine, but all of the dropdowns are reset. I don't want the dropdowns to reset when the submit button is selected, but would like to have a separate reset button so the user can reset the dropdowns when desired. Also, the submit button is below the dropdowns and I want to put it and the reset button on the same horizonal line and to the right of the dropdowns. I appreciate any help. Thanks
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