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Found 2 results

  1. Since the CB 10.0 upgrade Ive been updating all the deploy codes in my datapages utilizing the new Asynchronous DataPage Deployment Method (a noticeable pageload improvement over the legacy deployment method, plus no more chrome deprecated warnings in the console Thank you for this improvement Caspio). One problem I am faced with now is I have several tabular report pages that conditionally load link buttons dependent on the status field of each row. With the legacy page deployment I was able to perform this with the following script in an html block... <script> var stat = '[@field:Status]' if (stat == 'Assigned') { document.write('<a class="recordActions" href="assignedwopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]&stat=begin">View/Open WO</a>'); } else if (stat == '~Suspended') { document.write('<a class="recordActions" href="resumewopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]">Resume WO</a>'); } else { document.write('<label>WO Pending Review</label>'); } </script> -------------------------------------------------------- The innerHTML solution I came up with to replace the document.write follows... <div id="linkto"></div> <script> var stat = '[@field:Status]' if (stat == 'Assigned') { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<a class="recordActions" href="assignedwopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]&stat=begin">View/Open WO</a>'; } else if (stat == '~Suspended') { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<a class="recordActions" href="resumewopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]">Resume WO</a>'; } else { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<label>WO Pending Review</label>'; } </script> Apparently this does not work because the “linkto” div is an html collection within the html block and improperly assigns the last read value to only the first row in the table. I tried a createElement method along with several other ideas all with the same results. Can anyone please inform me on the proper method to perform for the desired result of displaying a link button conditionally in a report. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
  2. Hello, I am new to caspio, i am changing the datatype for my table from 'Text(255)' to 'Autonumber', but then it shows me alert thet "This conversion is not possible." Any solution on this point or how can i change the datatype for my table in caspio. Thank you, etest
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